Liam Gallagher says he's "too scared" to watch the Beatles Get Back documentary

7 February 2022, 15:55

Liam Gallagher on why he's not watched the Beatles Get Back documentary

The former Oasis frontman is "not ready for me mind to be blown" by Peter Jackson's film... just yet.

Liam Gallagher still hasn't watched Peter Jackson's Beatles documentary Get Back, saying he's "too scared, man".

The former Oasis singer told Radio X's Chris Moyles that he wanted to be able to concentrate on the 8-hour film that shows the Fab Four recording their Let It Be album in January 1969.

Gallagher admitted: "I've not watched it yet, I'm too scared, man. I've got it all set up, but I just know it's gonna blow me mind and I have to concentrate."

Liam Gallagher and Peter Jackson's Get Back documentary
Liam Gallagher and Peter Jackson's Get Back documentary. Picture: Disney+/Apple/Jason Richardson/Alamy Stock Photo

The documentary first appeared on the Disney+ channel at the end of November, but Liam had just finished work on his new album, C'Mon You Know, when it dropped. He's now busy promoting the first single, Everything's Electric.

"I've got to do all this [interview] stuff, which is fine, but I'm not ready for me mind to be blown yet.

You know, like, when you're a kid and you've got them sweets and that's your last sweet? You don't want to finish it. I'm sort of waiting like that, because I know once it's gone..."

The Beatles: Get Back | Official Trailer | Disney+

He added: "I have to be in the right headspace... if it blows me mind the wheels could come off."

Gallagher - a huge Beatles fan - has also recorded a John Lennon solo song for his new album, titled, Bless You.

When Chris Moyles reported that Get Back was quite an intense experience for a Beatles fan, Liam replied: "It's like Big Brother or something like that... obviously, better than that! You know what I mean.

"I've seen the bit where he's ordering a sparrow sandwich or something. I'm looking forward to it. I just have to be in the right mood."

Liam Gallagher's new album C'Mon You Know is released on 27th May, while Peter Jackson's Get Back documentary comes to blu-ray and DVD later this year.