VIDEO: Gerry Cinnamon would vote Liam Gallagher for Prime Minister

25 June 2019, 21:04 | Updated: 3 September 2019, 12:21

The Canter singer-songwriter has backed the former Oasis rocker after he put himself forward for PM this month.

Gerry Cinnamon has backed Liam Gallagher for Prime Minister.

The Canter singer spoke to Radio X's ahead of his support slot at the Oasis legend's Irish Independent Park gig.

Asked by Gordon Smart if the Shockwave singer would get his vote, Cinnamon replied: "100%. Imagine it mate. Imagine the memes. Just for the memes he'd get my vote."

Then asked what position he'd take up in the Manchester rocker's cabinet, the Scottish singer-songwriter joked: "Minister of Mayhem."

The comments come after Liam Gallagher took to Twitter earlier this month, saying: "My name is liam Gallagher I have 4 beautiful children I have dabbled in drugs over the years I’ve had many number 1s now send me the keys to no10 I’ll sort this pile of shit out WHY ME?WHY NOT."

It's not the only time Liam Gallagher has let his opinion known about politicians of late.

As reported by The Guardian, the former Oasis rocker appeared on BBC News this week, where he slammed "the mayor" over the rise of fatal stabbings in the capital.

Speaking to the network, he said: "I’d have a word with that mayor – he seems to not be doing a good job, all them kids getting knifed and all that. The only thing that ever comes out of his mouth is, ‘London is open.’ What, open for knife crime and dying and stuff?"

Sadiq Khan has since responded to the Some Might Say rocker's criticism, telling Radio X: "I can understand why any parent - and I speak as a parent of teenage children as Liam Gallagher is - would be concerned about violent crime."

He continued: "We've got to make sure we use that energy to try and save lives in our city. That's not just us from city hall, but those concerned to help me lobby the government. We've lost over the last eight, nine years 3,500 police officers, 3,500 community support officers. In the last three years since I've been there, we've invested unlike the previous eight more than £230 million in our police from council tax increases and business rates increases..."

The Labour politician concluded: "So if Liam Gallagher and others want to work with me to lobby the government, honestly the more hands that get involved, the more voices that get involved the better.

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Watch Gerry Cinnamon play his new single Canter at Irish Independent Park:

Meanwhile, Gerry Cinnamon has announced the details of a new UK and Irish tour.

After teasing a "wee announcement" Cinnamon has revealed he'll be playing his biggest headline tour with dates which will kick off on 1 November at the SEE Arena Belfast and culminate with a gig on 16 November at the Newcastle Utilita Arena.

The run of shows will also include a gig in London at The O2 Academy Brixton, which Gerry has added an extra date to on 14 November 2019.

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