Liam Gallagher reveals his most biblical parka jacket of all time

9 February 2021, 15:15 | Updated: 9 February 2021, 15:19

Liam Gallagher wearing parka jackets throughout the years
Liam Gallagher revealed his most memorable parka. Picture: 1. Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage/Getty 2. Hayley Madden/Redfern/Getty 3. David Wolff - Patrick/Redferns/Getty 4. Press

The former Oasis frontman has worn a lot of parka jackets over the years, but revealed the coat from the Wonderwall video was one of the most biblical.

Liam Gallagher has revealed one of his most biblical parka jackets of all time.

The former Oasis frontman is known for wearing the style of outerwear constantly throughout the years, but has said that the most memorable comes from early on in his career.

When asked what his most celestial and biblical parkas, the Manchester rocker replied: "I think that yellow mustard coat I wore in wonderwall video was sent from the GODS".

See it in all its glory in the Wonderwall video.

Oasis - Wonderwall (Official Video)

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Gallagher isn't just looking at the past, however, and let fans know he's "back in the studio being brilliant" and no doubt working on new music.

While it's not clear whether Liam is referring to his third studio album and the follow-up to 2019's Why Me? Why Not., the Wall Of Glass singer previously teased we can expect the record for this year.

So far, Gallagher has kept his promise, unveiling his festive single All You're Dreaming Of in time for Christmas 2020, while raising funds for Action For Children UK.

Liam Gallagher - All You're Dreaming Of (Official Video)

When it comes to a title, it might just be something we've heard before.

As reported by BANG Showbiz, speaking on Apple Music Beats 1, Gallagher revealed: "Yeah. The next one is going to be called Come On You Know, pure positive."

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