VIDEO: Dave Grohl needs to see this guitarist's take on Foo Fighters' Everlong

1 May 2019, 16:40

A talented guitarist has reworked the Foo Fighters classic and made it his own. Watch his take on the 1997 anthem.

It's fair to assume that Dave Grohl has heard several versions of Everlong in his time.

The Foo Fighters frontman, who released the song back in 1997 on the band's The Colour and the Shape album, has been playing it to delighted audiences ever since - often capping off the end of mammoth sets.

But a talented guitarist Chase Stephen has added a new dimension to the track, which you can watch in his video above.

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But the New York based guitarist, songwriter and engineer doesn't just do covers.

Stephens also writes his own original music, which he displays plenty of on his Instagram.

Watch Dave Grohl dedicate Everlong to a fan at Glastonbury festival 2017:

Meanwhile, Dave Grohl was recently mistaken for a member of Maggie Rogers' band.

According to the Alaska singer, the Foo Fighters frontman was at a bar with her in Virginia Beach when the bartender unwittingly asked the Learn To Fly singer if he was in her band.

True to form, the ever humble Grohl didn't correct the bartender, but simply replied: "I’m her guitar tech".

See the singer-songwriter's tweets below:

Watch Dave Grohl sing Everlong at the Chris Cornell tribute concert:

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