VIDEO: Remember Foo Fighters' hilarious spoof breakup video?

20 January 2019, 12:00 | Updated: 20 January 2019, 12:01

We look back at when Dave Grohl and co set the record straight with a rockumentary-style video.

This week saw Foo Fighters release a spoof video, which saw them dress up as cheerleaders and American Footballers to get fans in the mood for their pre-Super Bowl gig.

But do you remember when Dave Grohl and the Learn To Fly rockers shared a "big message" amid all those split rumours?

Cast your mind back with the video above.

Dave Grohl in Foo Fighters' 2016 spoof rockumentary break-up video
Dave Grohl in Foo Fighters' 2016 spoof rockumentary break-up video. Picture: YouTube/ Foo Fighters

The year was 2016. Dave Grohl had just played solo at The Oscars, and rumours were rife that the band were going their separate ways.

Then, after weeks of teasing... the Monkey Wrench rockers decided to have a big laugh at the media's expense by sharing a spoof video.

The mockumentary-style clip sees Dave Grohl going it alone without the aid of his guitar, or frankly... any musical talent whatsoever.

Meanwhile the remainder of the Foos decide to stick it out together and think about who to enlist as their new frontman, with Gwen Stefani and Prince being thrown into the ring.

Then The Newlyweds star Nick Lachey does cameo and sings Foos' classic track, Everlong.

We can't un-hear OR see it! 

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Watch Foo Fighters dressing up in their latest video:

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