Dave Grohl's rare 1992 solo album just sold on eBay for a lot of money

26 March 2019, 11:26

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl in 2019
Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl in 2019. Picture: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

A copy of the Foo Fighters frontman's solo material, which he released two years after joining Nirvana, went on sale on the auction site.

A copy of Dave Grohl's early solo work went on sale on eBay this month, and fetched a lot more than it was worth the first time around.

The cassette, entitled Pocketwatch: Late! saw the then Nirvana drummer release his first solo work under a pseudonym in 1992.

The 10-track tape, which included titles such as Pokey the Little Puppy, Throwing Needles and Milk -was placed on the auction website - and eventually sold for $565.55 (£426.95).

See a still of the ending listing here:

Listing for Dav Grohl's Pocketwatch: Late! cassette
Listing for Dav Grohl's Pocketwatch: Late! cassette. Picture: eBay

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Watch Dave Grohl perform Everlong at the Chris Cornell tribute concert:

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Meanwhile, Billie Eilish recently responded to Dave Grohl's praise and comparison of her success to that of Nirvanas.

The Foo Fighters frontman recently revealed that his daughters were big fans of Billie and explained that he felt the singer’s connection with her audience reminded him of the reaction his old band Nirvana had back in the 90s.

Talking to Radio X, Eilish admitted that she was still gobsmacked by the comparison, saying: “Can you even believe that? I can’t even believe that.”She went on: “Are you kidding? He said rock isn’t dead because of me. Dude, I grew up on that shit.”

See her full response here: