Editors’ Tom Smith on why R.E.M. are so influential

11 March 2020, 07:30 | Updated: 11 March 2020, 07:31

The frontman names the LP that got him into writing and recording music in the first place…

2020 has seen Editors take their greatest hits album, Black Gold, on tour around Europe.

Radio X invited frontman Tom Smith to come into the studio, sit down in a comfy chair and have a think about some of his favourite things.

So what is Tom Smith’s favourite album?

He told us: “It’s recently been Automatic For The People by R.E.M.

“That record is one of the reasons why I’m sat here now. For songwriting, the atmosphere, the sort of hazy, southern thing that R.E.M. have, it’s just beautiful."

R.E.M. - Drive (Official Music Video)

We also asked Tom which - if push came to shove - was his favourite UK gig venue.

It’s still Brixton Academy,” he replied. “It’s that perfect combination of that weight of people and the smell of the crowd, ha ha!

“When you get over a certain size, you can just smell humanity! And when it’s a certain number of people, it’s not necessarily a good or a bad smell. If you’ve got a few people, it can be a bad smell.”

Editors - Frankenstein (Official Video)