VIDEO: Who is Alex Turner's girlfriend Louise Verneuil and what is her music like?

29 April 2019, 11:31 | Updated: 29 April 2019, 18:48

This is what Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner's girlfriend's music looks like
This is what Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner's girlfriend's music looks like. Picture: Santiago Bluguermann/Getty Images

The Arctic Monkey's frontman's latest love interest Louise Verneuil is also a talented musician. Watch her video and listen to her music here.

Alex Turner has been known to date talented and successful women, from presenter Alexa Chung to US model Taylor Bagley, but the Arctic Monkeys frontman's latest love interest shares his passion for music.

Louise Verneuil is a French singer-songwriter who was first spotted with Alex Turner in late 2018 while the band were touring their Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino album.

The pair were also seen in London this Christmas, during the time Turner returned to his hometown of Sheffield for a spot of vintage shopping.

But there is very little we know about the enigmatic Louise Verneuil. Find out more about her music here:

A screengrab of Louise Verneuil in her Nicotine video
A screengrab of Louise Verneuil in her Nicotine video. Picture: YouTube/ LouiseVerneuilVEVO

Verneuil, who has previously been compared to Turner's ex Alexa Chung, is a musician in her own right and this month gave fans a taste of her original music and first official video.

See the video for Verneuil's Nicotine track below:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Verneuil's VEVO debut looks and sounds very chic, with her singing in her mother tongue in a self-shot vintage-style video.

It's very stylish, very French and very Gainsbourg-esque, and so far fans on YouTube are impressed, with one message in the comments reading: "The perfect 70's girl to a man who was a little wild in the 70's".

Another declared: "Louise, I love the video and its simplicity, it's beautiful".

Some couldn't help but bring up her famous connection to the Arctic Monkeys frontman, with one writing: "Alex Turner brought me here," and another suggesting: "They should do a duet. A song or a whole album together!!!!"

At the time of writing of this article Verneuil's Nicotine single has amassed over 193,445 streams on Spotify, joined by Le Beau Monde, and her cover of Santa Baby, which have each achieved over 6,000 and 4,000 streams respectively.

Listen to Le Bea Monde here:

Hear her take on the Christmas classic with the Signature band.

Watch Arctic Monkeys perform R U Mine? at Austin City Limits:

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