Remember When Susanna Reid "Flirted" With Alex Turner?

23 June 2018, 19:00 | Updated: 23 June 2018, 19:01

With Arctic Monkeys in our minds at the moment, let’s recall one of the most cringeworthy pieces of television in history.

Wow, remember this?

Now that the world is Officially Arctic Monkeys Crazy again, with news of a new album and tour dates already sold out, the genius that is Alex Turner is ready to unleash his fevered imagination back on the universe.

And Turner fans appear in the most unlikely places.

When the frontman appeared on BBC Breakfast in 2013 around the time of AM, presenter Susanna Reid’s is-it-genuine, is-it-not? “flirting” with Alex was enough to make Christian Grey blush.

Alex Turner and Susanna Reid
Alex Turner and Susanna Reid. Picture: BBC/YouTube

After a rather nice interview, Reid goes in for a rather uncomfortable joke.

Alex doesn't know where to look. It's all too much.

Suzanna Reid: "Are you going to be doing Strictly Come Dancing? Because, I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor…"


Alex Turner: "Definitely…"

Scroll forward to 4.33 for the tackiness.