Alex Turner Reveals Original Lyrics To Four Out Of Five

13 August 2018, 13:02

The Arctic Monkeys frontman has shared the lines that didn't make the final cut of the Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino single.

Alex Turner has revealed the material which found itself on the cutting room floor when Arctic Monkeys were recording their Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino album.

As Far Out Magazine reports, speaking to Variety about getting carried away with the sci-fi theme on their sixth record, the frontman said: "Four stars out of five is a bit of a pun, with the stars," adding: "I may have gotten a bit carried away there."

He then said: "Originally, the words were: ‘Karaoke and raspberry beret, in imaginative ways, and I get signed right then and there by a hotshot executive / I wasn’t expecting it that easy’".

Watch the stunning Kubrick-inspired video for Four out of Five here:

It's not clear exactly what part of the song these lyrics were scrapped from, but we think it could be the very beginning of the track, where turner sings:

"Advertise in imaginative ways/ Start your free trial today/ Come on in, the water's lovely/ Look, you could meet someone you like/ During the meteor strike/It is that easy".

Listen to Alex Turner talk to Radio X's John Kennedy about the album in our video above.

Things we noticed in Arctic Monkeys' Four out of Five video

Meanwhile, Arctic Monkeys have discussed whether they'll release their next studio album sooner rather than later.

Asked by Beats 1's Matt Wilkinson if they'd consider continuing with the momentum and recording album number seven, Alex Turner replied: "Possibly. You know, again I don’t know, we’ve not quite reached a conclusion on what we’re gonna do but, I’d like to, yeah."

The frontman added: "Maybe just for the reason that, I’ve really been enjoying playing this one on the road and that excitement of playing together could lead to jumping back in the studio. Whereas, like when we made this Tranquility Base one, that wasn’t coming off the back of a tour."

Speaking about the five year gap between AM, which was released in 2013 and Tranquility Base which they dropped this year, Turner recalled "I remember we nearly did [go back into the studio] after AM, there were a moment where we were just like, 'Let’s go and do another thing and keep going!' I’m glad we didn’t now but there was definitely an urge there to do that."

Find out why Alex Turner thinks Tranquility Base is like their debut: