Alex Turner's ex Taylor Bagley reveals savage break-up tattoo

23 February 2021, 12:50 | Updated: 23 February 2021, 17:53

Taylor Bagley and her ex Arctic Monkeys' frontman Alex Turner
See Taylor Bagley's breakup tattoo of Arctic Monkeys' frontman Alex Turner. Picture: 1. Mark Robert Milan/GC Images/Getty 2. Instagram/Taylor Bagley

By Jenny Mensah

The inking, inspired by her split with the Arctic Monkeys' frontman, appears next to a tribute tattoo to their late dog Scooter.

Alex Turner's ex Taylor Bagley has shown off her breakup tattoo dedicated to the rocker.

The American model and actress took to her Instagram stories to pay tribute to Scooter, the dog they once shared together.

However, it just so happened to be placed near the inking which is dedicated to the end of her relationship with the Arctic Monkeys frontman.

The tat, which sees Alex's name dwarfed by a gravestone and the letters "RIP" has been adapted from matching couples tattoos they had of each other's names.

See the body art in all its glory here:

Alex Turner's ex Taylor Bagley shows-off savage break-up tattoo
Alex Turner's ex Taylor Bagley shows-off savage break-up tattoo. Picture: Instagram/Taylor Bagley

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The model's post was made to memorialise three years since the death of their beloved dog Scooter, also known as Tootus, who Turner dedicated the band's Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino album to.

Arctic Monkeys' Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino was dedicated to their pet dog Tootus
Arctic Monkeys' Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino was dedicated to their pet dog Tootus. Picture: Radio X

Turner and Bagley dated from 2015-2018 and called it quits towards the end of 2018.

The Sheffield rocker has since dated French singer, Louise Verneuil, and they appear to still be still going strong, with the pair spotted in London and Paris.

Louise Verneuil is also an artist in her own right. Watch her Nicotine video here:

Louise Verneuil - Nicotine

Alex Turner has previously dated and been linked to American actress Arielle Vandenberg who he dated from 2011-2014, British model and presenter Alexa Chung (2007-2011) and Johanna Bennett (2005-2007), who is credited as a co-writer on the band's much-loved Fluorescent Adolescent anthem.

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Meanwhile, for fans hoping to hear album number seven from the band, we could be even closer than we think.

Speaking on an Instagram Live on in January, drummer Matt Helders talked about some of the "obstacles" the band have faced during the coronavirus pandemic, noting: "Being seperated is one of them."

The Sheffield sticksman added: "We’re all eager to do it – we would have been doing it by now in a normal time. There’s definitely a desire from our end to do a new record, as soon as we can."

Though the band are separated by geography, Helders assured his fans that he's "always tinkering on machines and synths" at his Los Angeles home.

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Helders' confession came after the band's manager Ian McAndrew revealed the band were "working on new music" last year.

The music boss spoke to Music Week about the band's Royal Albert Hall live album and when asked what else they've been up to, he teased: "They’re working on music. In this rather disjointed time, the guys are beavering away and I hope that next year they’ll start working on some new songs, new ideas, with a view on a future release."

He added: "It’s fair to say that plans to write and record music have been deferred or postponed in terms of difficulties in getting together. Nevertheless, it in some ways creates a welcome opportunity, more time, more space and ability to go away and devote a bit more time to the creative process. That’s been a blessing in a weird way."

Though McAndrew revealed he does "get to hear things from time to time," he doesn't know if there's any complete songs yet.

While the band are split apart amid the global pandemic, McAndrew suggested they're probably not making communication as easy as it could be.

Asked if they have been working together using Zoom, McAndrew laughed, revealing: "In the same way that the Arctic Monkeys don’t interact on social media, they don’t interact via audiovisual communication.

"I have never had a Zoom with a member of the Arctic Monkeys and I don’t think I ever will! This year has been very much heads down working on song ideas from home."

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