"I've Kind Of Had Enough": Tom Hardy To Quit Acting?

8 August 2018, 13:08 | Updated: 9 August 2018, 10:29

Tom Hardy at Dunkirk premiere in 2017
Tom Hardy at Dunkirk premiere in 2017. Picture: TOLGA AKMEN/AFP/Getty Images

The Venom star gave a revealing interview in which he pondered his career.

Tom Hardy has hinted that he's thinking about giving up acting.

The British star - who's featured in the likes of The Dark Knight Rises, Legend, Mad Max and Inception - has cast doubt on the likelihood of a becoming a veteran actor in a new interview.

When asked by Esquire's Eric Sullivan if being 40 had changed how he feels about his career, the Venom actor replied: "You’ve summited Everest. It’s a miracle that you’ve made it anywhere near the fucking mountain, let alone climbed it. Do you want to go all the way back and do it again? Or do you want to get off the mountain and go fucking find a beach?”

The Fonzo star added: “What is it that draws you to the craft? At this age, I don’t know anymore. I’ve kind of had enough. If I’m being brutally honest, I want to go on with my life."

If Tom Hardy does quit acting for good, there's plenty of other things to fall back on, such as modelling, or rapping - which he had a record deal for back in the late '90s - saving litters of puppies and chasing moped thieves.

No big deal.

Meanwhile, last week saw the release of of the second Venom trailer.

Watch it here:

The upcoming Marvel movie sees Hardy in the guise of freelance reporter Eddie Brock, who accidentally becomes infected by an alien life form to become the Spider Man-universe anti-hero.

This latest clip takes us closer to the film's other characters, Dr. Carlton Drake and Anne Weying, who are played by Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams.

We also get to see Ahmed's symbiote Riot for the first time and witness Hardy display more of his character's personality... which is pretty hilarious.

Sony released an initial trailer for the film earlier this year, seeing his gruesome transformation into the symbiote for the first time.

Watch it here:


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