WATCH: Will The Inbetweeners Ever Have A Reunion?

19 August 2018, 08:30 | Updated: 19 August 2018, 08:31

The Inbetweeners' actors Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas, Simon Bird and James Buckley
The Inbetweeners' actors Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas, Simon Bird and James Buckley. Picture: Ian West/PA Wire/PA Images

2018 sees the hit E4 sitcom celebrate it's 10 year anniversary, but will the show ever have a reunion?

The Inbetweeners celebrated its 10 year anniversary this year, so it's not surprising fans have wondered if there'll be a reunion.

But for those hoping the cast of the hit E4 show will return to our TV screens, they may be disappointed.

Watch ITV Lorraine's video above.

Simon Bird - who played Will McKenzie in the teen coming of age comedy - crushed the hopes of the nation when he admitted that he won't be filming another instalment to mark the milestone.

Speaking to Lorraine back in May, he said: "It's definitely over. We're all so happy and proud of what we did with it and don't want to spoil it by going back."

Simon Bird in 2014
Simon Bird in 2014. Picture: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

However, all is not lost, as the cast members did have a reunion of sorts... It just wasn't on the telly.

The 33-year-old actor and his former cast mates Joe Thomas, Blake Harrison and James Buckley - who played Simon, Neil and Jay respectively - met up to celebrate the milestone, with James Buckley sharing a snap of the cast and creators at dinner.

And as if to tease fans further, he captioned the photo: "Inbetweeners series 4 pre production meal".

Good to see they've remained friends though...


For any of you still hoping for a reunion, Bird isn't the only cast member to say he won't be doing a reboot as Greg Davies - who portrayed spiteful teacher Mr Gilbert the adult comedy from 2008 until 2010 - is adamant he'll never reprise his role for the programme because he's played a teacher too many times.

He told The Sun's Bizarre column: "It's a case of writing what you know. But I won't play another teacher.

"After The Inbetweeners I contemplated making Dan [a teacher he plays in Man Down] in to something else.

"But the more the writing process went on the more I realised I was just missing a trick. It would be silly not to use these feelings I know. 

"There's a truth to it. Children are entertaining and chaotic. I loved being in the Inbetweeners but it's reached a natural conclusion."

If that isn't enough to convince you, there is the small case that the cast are very much moving on...

Greg Davies of course created and starred in Man Down and played a very angry Dad in Cuckoo.

Simon Bird stars in Friday Night Dinner alongside Tom Rosenthal, and most recently Joe Thomas starred in new British film from the makers of The Inbetweeners, The Festival.

Watch the trailer for the film here:

Never mind though. We'll always have the memories...


Watch Joe Thomas presents the people you'll almost certainly meet at a festival, with a little help from Toby Tarrant:


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