VIDEO: This pizza-eating intern is the stuff of legend

28 February 2019, 17:48 | Updated: 1 March 2019, 17:00

The staff worker unwittingly tucked into the cheesy dish on live TV during a report on Michael Cohen's testimony against Trump.

An intern has gone viral after being caught scoffing a pizza on a live TV news broadcast.

A reporter was giving his take on the damining Michael Cohen testimony, which saw him detail the wrong-doings of his former boss and US President Donald Trump.

However, a starving and no doubt hard-working intern just so happened to be handed what looked like his lunch at the same time.

Watch him get caught scoffing his face in a clip above, courtesy of CBS.

Staff member caught eating pizza in the background of news broadcast
Staff member caught eating pizza in the background of news broadcast. Picture: CBS

And though it's just a bit of fun, the the intern has already become so popular, that a GoFundMe page was launched so he can buy himself more pizza.

So far, it's well over-exceeded it's $10 goal to reach $165.

It's not the first time something hilarious has happened in the background of a serious news report.

Remember when Professor Robert E Kelly was interrupted by his kids during a a BBC News interview about South Korea?

Remind yourself of the unforgettable moment below:

Speaking once more to the BBC after the story went viral, Kelly said: "We never expected any kind of attention like this at all. We've certainly not had anything in our lives like this before."

He added: "We were worried actually that the BBC would never call us again. That was our first thought. We were just worried that we'd completely blown our relationship with you."


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