Sheffield man changes his name to Joe Lycett after comedian changes name to Hugo Boss

3 March 2020, 13:28 | Updated: 4 March 2020, 18:14

Joe Lycett with Sheffield man formerly named Mark Rofe, who changed his name to Joe Lycett
Joe Lycett with Sheffield man formerly named Mark Rofe, who changed his name to Joe Lycett. Picture: 1. twitter/iamrofe 2. Ian West/PA Archive/PA Images

Mark Rofe has unofficially taken up the comedian's former name after Lycett changed his to Hugo Boss in support of small businesses.

A Sheffield man has changed his name to Joe Lycett after the comedian changed his own name to Hugo Boss.

It all started when the 31-year-old - The 31-year-old comedian - who is set to take part in a new series of his comedy consumer show Got Your Back on Channel 4 - took to Twitter this week to reveal he'd changed his name by deed poll to "Hugo Boss".

Now a Twitter user has gone one further, claiming to have changed his own name to Joe Lycett in honour of the star.

Taking to the platform, the joker - whose name was formerly Mark Rofe - said: "I think @joelycett is a great name, and since he's now surrendered it and changed it to Hugo Boss, I thought I'd change my mine to Joe's. I couldn't have a world without a @joelycett".

Speaking to the Metro, he said: "I think what Joe (Hugo) did was brilliant. I’m a big fan of his comedy and the work he does, so when I saw he had changed his name to Hugo therefore surrendering his former name Joe Lycett, I thought it I would change mine to Joe’s."

However, not all is as it seems.

The prankster, who is also known for buying a billboard in Manchester in order to secure a date, has only made an un-enrolled deed poll so far, and would have to apply to the Royal Courts of Justice to get it done officially. Apparently it only costs £36, so don't start getting ideas...

Watch Joe Lycett explain why he changed his name to Hugo Boss here on the Victoria Derbyshire show:

Meanwhile, the comedian has recently shared an update, which reveals he applied for a trademark under the name Boss La Cease en Desiste, told Hugo Boss that their opposition period has ended.

We look forward to seeing what the comedian is set to release under the Boss La Cease en Desiste name.

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