Ralf Little sets record straight on press claims he thinks the UK is "horrible"

10 January 2022, 17:43 | Updated: 10 January 2022, 18:15

Ralf Little addresses tabloids misquoting him on England

By Jenny Mensah

The Death in Paradise actor has hit out at the press for misquoting him about the British weather and talked about statements he made.

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Ralf Little has responded to coverage which suggested he disliked returning to Britain.

The Death In Paradise actor has spent much of his time working in hotter climes in the Caribbean and recently gave an interview about his return to the UK.

However, asked about the coverage in the media, the Royle Family star defended his comments and called out the media for misreporting what he said.

Asked by Chris Moyles about the furore, he said: "It's just weird. I did an interview with one of the papers for Death in Paradise, to talk about it, and they said to me “are you glad to be back?”

"[I was] in the Caribbean, and I only arrived back just before Christmas, and I haven't been back in England for 18 months. So I was in the Caribbean then I was in Florida then I was in the Caribbean, so I've just been warm and toasty.

"You know, those places have got their own problems but being cold isn’t one of them. [...] She went 'What’s it like being back?' and I said 'Honestly, it sucks, I've not been cold for 18 months. I'm over it. It's terrible. I'm from Manchester, I grew up in the cold, but I'm over it now.'

"And that was the body of the article but the headline was ‘Ralf Little says being in Britain is horrible.’

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The star added: "No that's not the tone of what I said. The word horrible appears somewhere in there, and then all the other papers picked it up and then they re-quoted it with their own headline and the headlines got worse and worse."

Admitting that he was pretty angry at first, the actor revealed to Radio X that he could now see the funny side.

"So you know, last night, I was furious," admitted the 41 year old. "I’m a bit more philosophical about it today and I'm just laughing it off. But it was just an odd thing to suddenly go ‘why am I getting dragged on Facebook by people for something I didn't say?!’

He concluded: "As if complaining about the British weather isn't part of our cultural heritage anyway? It's what we do."

Watch his full interview with Chris Moyles above.

Ralf Little slams press for stories on "horrible" Britain
Ralf Little has opened up to Chris Moyles about the stories surrounding his comments on the UK weather. Picture: Radio X/BBC iPlayer

Little was previously quoted in an interview with The Mirror saying: "I hate to say this, but I’m over it. I’m from Manchester so grew up in the cold, wet and drizzle. I was back two days and was like, ‘this sucks’.

"I‘ve been away for 18 months and not been cold.

"As I was flying in to Heathrow I looked out the window and as far as I could see, stretching out across the horizon, was thick cloud."

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