Meet Hugo Hammond: The Love Island 2021 contestant who wants to "set a great example"

28 June 2021, 19:24 | Updated: 29 June 2021, 14:22

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Hugo Hammond is the first star on the ITV dating show to have a physical disability. Find out more about the PE teacher from Hampshire.

Love Island is finally back on our screens tonight (Monday 28 June) and fans of the dating show can't wait to see what it has in store.

The hit reality dating series, which is hosted by Laura Whitmore, has introduced its first contestant who was born with a physical disability, who hopes to "set an example" on the show.

Find out more about Hugo Hammond, including his job, age, Instagram handle and more.

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Love Island 2021 contestant Hugo Hammond was born with a club foot
Love Island 2021 contestant Hugo Hammond was born with a club foot. Picture: ITV

Who is Love Island's Hugo Hammond?

Hugo Hammond is a 24-year-old secondary school PE teacher from Hampshire. He was born with a club foot and has played for England PD (Physical Disability), representing his country across the world.

As reported by The Sun, speaking about his appearance on the show, he told PA Media, "If I can set a great example and show people that having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t be mainstream or it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a right to find love and things like that, then that would be great.

"I would love to be the torch bearer for that."

Hugo says he is happy to talk about his physical difference, which will be apparent when he walks around in bare feet.

"[The other Islanders] probably will notice at some point, especially when I’m not walking in shoes, because I have got a slightly shorter Achilles tendon from the operation, so I walk slightly on my tiptoes.

“So people will notice and I will very happily educate them and tell them and inform them about everything I have been through and what other people go through.”

He added: "I’m very lucky that I had very supportive parents growing up and they kind of got all my operations done at an early age, so to be honest I don’t really remember it that much.

"I now just walk with a little bit of extra swagger is how I like to describe it, as I wobble about sometimes without my shoes on. It doesn’t define me."

How old is Love Island's Hugo Hammond?

Hugo is 24 years old.

What is club foot?

Club foot, which is also called talipes, describes the condition in which a baby is born with a foot or feet that turn in and under.

What is Hugo Hammond's Instagram?

You can find Hugo at @hugo_hammond_ on Instagram.

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What is he looking for in a relationship?

On why he signed up for the show, Hugo said: "I’ve been single for a while now. With the current climate, it’s been really hard to get back into dating. I saw it as an opportunity to have an amazing fun summer and put myself back out there."

He also admits that it's important to get the "seal of approval" from his mum when it comes to his girlfriends.

How does he describe himself?

Hugo says that he's a "relationship guy with a little bit of chaos in between" and definitely considers himself "a cool teacher".

Although he said he's ready to settle, he calls himself the inventor of the "half night stand" because he likes waking up in his own bed in the mornings.

Love Island starts on ITV2 and ITV Hub on Monday 28 June from 9pm.


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