Who is Georgia Townend? 9 facts about the Love Island 2021 star

22 July 2021, 10:48

9 facts about Love Island 2021 star, Georgia Townend
9 facts about Love Island 2021 star, Georgia Townend. Picture: ITV2 / Instagram

Entering the Love Island villa tonight with two other bombshells is Georgia Townend!

Things are about to get lively in the Love Island villa - with three new bombshells heading in tonight.

Joining Tyler Cruickshank and Abigail Rawlings is Georgia Townend.

According to Georgia, her friends would call her "intelligent" and "funny".

"Iā€™m really kind at heart, but I can be quite tough love," she says.

From her age, Instagram handle and job title, to her family and personal life - here are 9 facts about Georgia Townend you need to know!

1. She is 28 years old

2. Georgia is from Essex

3. ...and she works as a marketing executive

4. She's been single for about five years

5. Georgia describes herself as "gregarious"

6. She's got her eye on Hugo (and Teddy and Aaron)

7. She has a cat named Betty

8. She's regularly jetting off around the world

9. Georgia has a sister named Brodie

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.


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