Ed Gamble and James Acaster mock Channel 4's Hunted team with green screen

12 July 2022, 17:46 | Updated: 13 July 2022, 16:54

Ed Gamble and James Acaster have a special message for C4's Hunted
Ed Gamble and James Acaster have a special message for C4's Hunted. Picture: Twitter

The comedians shared a video of themselves in various locations from a green screen while in hiding for Celebrity Hunted.

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Ed Gamble is taking part in Celebrity Hunted with James Acaster for Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer and the comedy duo are very much living up to their professions.

Last week saw the Radio X presenter phone in to deliver his show from hiding and now this week the pair have upped the ante and released a video which mocks their journey on the show so far.

In a video shared by an account from Stuart Laws, the pair can be seen everywhere from a rollercoaster to Hogwarts and the white cliffs of Dover, all thanks to a green screen.

Watch them in action here:

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If that wasn't daring enough, James helped Ed present his Radio X show from hiding, where they taunted the hunters and even traded quips with Chief Hunter Lisa Theaker.

Watch the moment it all unfolded here:

Ed Gamble is taking part in Celebrity Hunted!

Listen to Ed Gamble and Matthew Crosby on Radio X, Sundays 8am – 11am.

Catch up on the show on Global Player.


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