VIDEO: Ariana Grande Breaks Down In Tears Over Manchester Terror Attack

20 August 2018, 12:11 | Updated: 20 August 2018, 12:27

The pop star has revealed the lasting impact of the atrocity Manchester Arena and explained how it's changed her perspective on life.

Ariana Grande has spoken out about the Manchester Arena terror attack in a new interview.

The US star's gig at the venue on 22 May 2017 was targeted by a suicide bomber, who killed 22 people and injured many more.

Speaking about her new Get Well Soon track, Ebro Darden on Beats 1 Radio: "It's just about just being there for each other and helping each other through scary times."

Talking about how it's affected her thinking, she revealed: "When you see this shit on the news, it affects you, but not the same way as when you’re there. You tweet a pic, send condolences, and move on. And then Christmas comes and you think about it, and you’re like fuck, I’m so sorry. People are permanently affected by this shit."

Watch her interview here:

The Sweetner star added: "Perspective changes your life. You want to stay in the moment and try not to give into fear, because obviously the whole point of finishing the tour was being there for my fans. You want to set the same example and keep going. You want to just not be afraid and of course, that's what they want, if you give them what. They want you to be afraid.

"The truth is, it’s fucking scary going anywhere. You look at places differently and traveling. I don’t like having security coming everywhere. It makes me feel inhuman. I want to escape with my friends and run around, but you think about things differently when things like that happen. I don’t want metal detectors at my show or my fans bring tiny ass bags, but you better bring a tiny ass bag. You don’t want to give in, but it’s so scary.”

After the atrocity, Grande put on the One Love Manchester concert to raise funds for , which featured performances from the likes of Liam Gallagher and Coldplay.

Watch Gallagher perform Live Forever with Coldplay's Chris Martin at the event here:

Ariana Grande was made an honorary citizen of the city of Manchester for her efforts, which helped raise more than £3m for the event.

As As The Guardian reported at the time, family members of some of the victims sat in the public gallery to witness the motion passed, as council leader Sir Richard Leese called Grande a “a young American woman for whom it would have been understandable if she never wanted to see this place again”.

He added: “But no - instead she, as an artist, a performer, was determined that she would not perform again until she had returned to Manchester to perform,” he said.

“In doing so, she brought comfort to thousands, she raised millions for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund and became the first patron of that fund. And that’s why I propose that Ariana Grande is made the first honorary citizen of the city of Manchester.”

Watch Chris Martin lead the crowd in singing Oasis track Don't Look Back In Anger to Ariana Grande at the benefit concert:

Ariana Grande was due to be make a tribute at the BRIT Awards 2018, but Liam Gallagher stood in for the One Last Time singer who had to pull out at the last minute.

Watch him perform Live Forever here courtesy of ITV:

Grande was believed to give the performance her seal of approval, with a fan account claiming to share her Instagram Story which saw her post a picture of a heart and bee emoji on top of the tribute.