The Amazons on Bloodrush, the importance of small venues and selling merch for Royal Blood

22 June 2022, 21:00 | Updated: 23 June 2022, 10:34

The Amazons on new music and the importance of small venues

By Jenny Mensah

Frontman Matt Thompson spoke to George Godfrey about their gig to support the Music Venue Trust's Revive Live campaign and touring with Royal Blood.

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The Amazons have discussed the importance of small venues ahead of their intimate hometown gig.

The Mother rockers are set to play The Face Bar in Reading as part of the Music Venue Trust's Revive Live campaign and their frontman Matt Thompson told Radio X just how much he's looking forward to their set.

Speaking about their Bloodrush single, he revealed: "The song is about feeling human again and more specifically about humans connecting".

And since there's no better place to connect than at live shows, he explained why their gig in Reading on 11th August is so important.

"The Face Bar is a real Reading institution," he said of the gig. "We started playing there before The Amazons was even a twinkle in our eye and [we saw] loads of formative bands."

Watch our interview with the rocker above.

The Amazons 2022
The Amazons 2022. Picture: Press

Revealing their early connections to Royal Blood to the venue, who they went on to support on their live dates, he revealed: "We actually did merchandise for Royal Blood from one of their first UK tours. We just got a call from a local Reading promoter, who was like 'There's 25 quid in this, do you wanna come down and sell some t-shirts?'."

He added: "I can't say we were any good. They sold a few and we didn't even meet them. It was a funny gig. We were just standing at the back with the merch and everyone who was anyone in the Reading music scene was there. we were all looking at each other like, 'Wow. This is amazing."

Going on to talk about the Music Venue Trust, who support grassroots venues across the UK, and the importance of small venues, he said: "[They're] of the upmost importance. It's the sustenance. It's the fuel.

"Without that first step, you wouldn't get any of the music that you listen to now and I feel so bad for artists that have been making music for the last two years and just haven't had the chance to just do the most basic of things."

Tickets for The Amazons gig at The Face Bar in Reading are on sale now.