10 rock music biopics that need to be made

2 June 2019, 23:26 | Updated: 2 June 2019, 23:31

After Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman, which other acts are in need to the big screen treatment? Radio X picks a selection of movies we’d like to see…

  1. Rod Stewart

    Rod The Mod: from young blues singer to international stardom as Mr Britt Ekland (for a while), his tale has it all - and he’s up for it, too. Speaking to the Daily Mirror recently, Rod said: "I haven't seen the Elton John biopic, but I'd love one of me." It would need to be called "Blondes Have More Fun", of course.

    Rod Stewart and Britt Ekland in 1977
    Rod Stewart and Britt Ekland in 1977. Picture: PA/PA Archive/PA Images
  2. Mick Jagger

    One Direction lad Harry Styles was apparently in the frame to play the lead Rolling Stone, but he claimed it was all talk. We’d still like to see it, however, as the Brian Jones film Stoned (2006) wasn’t half bad and there’s the whole of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s to get through with Sir Mick - and it’s all full of incident: movie making, marriages, kids, terrible solo albums, heart surgery, the lot.

    Mick Jagger onstage with The Rolling Stones in 1982
    Mick Jagger onstage with The Rolling Stones in 1982. Picture: Bandphoto/DPA/PA Images
  3. The Who

    There’s a Keith Moon biopic in the works, but London’s loudest band have a tale to tell too: the mod era, smashing up equipment, concept albums, splits, fights and bassist John Entwistle dying while on tour. Would they skirt around Pete Townshend’s brush with the law, though?

    The Who in 1968
    The Who in 1968. Picture: PA/PA Archive/PA Images
  4. Led Zeppelin

    The hard-rocking quartet would show Motley Crue up as the rank amateurs they are when it comes to raucousness and debauchery. Thing is, could they even put half the things that are supposed to have happened in Stephen Davis’s landmark biography Hammer Of The Gods? Hmmm…

    Robert Plant performing with Led Zeppelin
    Robert Plant performing with Led Zeppelin. Picture: DPA/DPA/PA Images
  5. The Cure

    Currently enjoying a critical appraisal 40 years after they were founded, Robert Smith’s creepies from Crawley may not sound like the most gripping subject of a movie, but take a look at founder member and former drummer Lol Tolhurst’s autobiography, Cured. It ends with Tolhurst an alcoholic and being told he couldn’t come on the Disintegration tour - the subsequent legal battle would be a dramatic highlight.

    The Cure In Brazil, 1987
    The Cure In Brazil, 1987. Picture: Michael Putland/Getty Images
  6. The Fall

    The ongoing saga of the Manchester post-punkers would be an epic, by turns hilarious and tragic. But who would play irascible frontman Mark E. Smith? Start thinking now!

    Mark E Smith of The Fall performing at The Lyceum Theatre, London, UK on 12 December 1982
    Mark E Smith of The Fall performing at The Lyceum Theatre, London, UK on 12 December 1982. Picture: David Corio/Redferns/Getty Images
  7. New Order

    They’ve done the Joy Division story with Anton Corbijn’s Control, but what about the next part? Lots of bad vibes, low slung bass, the car crash that was The Hacienda and Peter Hook splitting with the rest of the group. Plus, the making of Blue Monday, yeah?

    New Order in 1989
    New Order in 1989. Picture: Bob Berg/Getty Images
  8. Red Hot Chili Peppers

    If you’ve read Anthony Kiedis’s autobiography Scar Tissue, then you’ll know that the Chili Peppers story is a rollcking good yarn. A story of redemption and some hair-raising escapades.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards
    Red Hot Chili Peppers at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards. Picture: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images
  9. Aerosmith

    It’s incredible that the Toxic Twins Steven Tyler and Joe Perry haven’t been portrayed on screen as their biography Walk This Way is a gripping read. Some astonishing tales of addiction, intervention and tying scarves to your mike stand would make this a winner.

    Aerosmith in 1974
    Aerosmith in 1974. Picture: Gems/Redferns/Getty Images
  10. Fleetwood Mac

    Another astounding omission from the biopic pantheon, the Mac’s career is a living soap opera as it is, and would need no script doctoring to make it interesting. From their start as a hardcore blues act in England to the high flying Los Angeles years, this would be a corker. In 2013, Stevie Nicks said: “Nobody is making a movie about my life. When there is a movie about my life being made, everybody will know. And it will be serious.” You have been told.

    Fleetwood Mac in 1975
    Fleetwood Mac in 1975. Picture: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images