Noel Gallagher would collaborate with Damon Albarn again: "Me and him get on great"

21 January 2023, 09:00 | Updated: 7 March 2023, 12:03

Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn
Noel Gallagher has talked about the prospect of collaborating with Damon Albarn. Picture: 1. Matt Crockett/Press 2.

By Jenny Mensah

The former Oasis rocker has talked about his relationship with the Blur and Gorillaz frontman and revealed he's be happy to collaborate again.

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Noel Gallagher would be happy to collaborate with Damon Albarn again.

The Oasis legend sang backing vocals alongside Jehnny Beth on Gorillaz track We Got The Power and appeared with the animal band several times on stage.

But when asked if he has any plans to work with the Blur frontman again, he told Radio X's Dan O'Connell: "Yeah, me and him get on great. I love his band. I know most of his band.

"The Gorillaz it’s a cool thing to be involved with because you get to meet lots of really cool…I remember meeting De La Soul and you know, how he puts it all together is really quite incredible, you have a good time doing it.

"I enjoyed writing with him and did a few gigs on that Gorillaz tour, I’m open to stuff like that, the timings have to be right more than anything. For instance, this year I’m going to be extremely busy so. I haven’t seen him for a while actually. If he needs me, I’ll sprinkle a bit of Northern magic for him."

Watch our full interview with the Manchester rocker below:

Noel Gallagher on his new album Council Skies and more

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Oasis caught the attention of another Blur member earlier this week when it came to the prospect of their renion.

Noel Gallagher reiterated that there'd be "no point" reuniting the Manchester band because it just didn't appeal to him, but added: "Now that’s not saying in 10 years time it won’t appeal to me..."

When his estranged brother Liam Gallagher later claimed that Noel called him up "begging for forgiveness," Blur guitarist Graham Coxon had something to say on the matter.

Responding to Liam's question on whether he should bury the hatchet with his brother, the Coffee & TV rocker replied: "Do it."

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This week also saw Noel Gallagher announce the details of his fourth solo album, Council Skies.

The album takes its title from a book by the artist Pete McKee and reflects the album's theme of youthful ambition, as Noel explains: “It’s going back to the beginning. Daydreaming, looking up at the sky and wondering about what life could be... that’s as true to me now as it was in the early ‘90s. When I was growing up in poverty and unemployment, music took me out of that.”

He added: “Top Of The Pops on TV transformed your Thursday night into this fantasy world, and that’s what I think music should be. I want my music to be elevating and transforming in some way.”

Council Skies will be available on 2nd February 2023 on CD, heavyweight vinyl with a bonus 7", plus deluxe limited edition 3LP and 2CD sets featuring a remix of Pretty Boy by The Cure's Robert Smith and Pet Shop Boys' take on Think Of A Number.

See the tracklist for Noel Gallagher's Council Skies album:

  1. I'm Not Giving Up Tonight
  2. Pretty Boy
  3. Dead To The World
  4. Open The Door, See What You Find
  5. Trying To Find A World That's Been And Gone
  6. Easy Now
  7. Council Skies
  8. There She Blows!
  9. Love Is A Rich Man
  10. Think Of A Number
  11. Bonus Track – We’re Gonna Get There In The End

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