Why Supersonic will “always” be Noel Gallagher's favourite Oasis song

11 April 2024, 20:00

Noel Gallagher with Supersonic artwork inset
Noel Gallagher with Supersonic artwork inset. Picture: Matt Crockett/Press

By Jenny Mensah

Watch the former Oasis guitarist and chief songwriter discuss the story behind the making of the iconic Britpop anthem.

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Noel Gallagher believes that his favourite Oasis track will always be Supersonic.

The Manchester rocker visited Radio X HQ last year to talk about his Council Skies album and discussed why the Britpop band's debut single - which was released on 11th April 1994 - will always hold a special place in his hard.

According to Noel, their iconic 1994 single came about by surprise after he couldn’t quite get “right” their Bring It On Down track, which went on to feature on the band's Definitely Maybe album.

Asked by Radio X’s Johnny Vaughan which one Oasis tune he’d choose, he replied: “It’s always going to be Supersonic, Always. Just for how it came about that night and it still sounds amazing to me when I hear it.”

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It's still magic for me

- Noel Gallagher on Supersonic

The rocker continued: “I just remember the circumstances of we were going to record Bring It On Down, ‘cause Alan McGee wanted it to be our first single and we couldn’t get it right and we had one more night left In the studio and someone goes to me, ‘Why don’t you just go and write another song?’

He scoffed: “‘Oh just like that!’ And I did.”

“I went into the back and I just wrote it. By the end of the night, that was the mix that we came away with and when we came down to London to see McGee and he said, ‘So did you get it?’ ‘Well no. We didn’t no, but we did this instead.’”

“We played him the cassette and he freaked out. And I still think when I hear it, because it came from nowhere, it’s still got the magic for me.”

Supersonic might be Noel's favourite track, but his Oasis bandmates tend to disagree. Former frontman Liam has long cited his favourite track as Live Forever, while the band's co-founder and former guitarist Bonehead's is Champagne Supernova.

In fact, the musician reflected on how it still makes him cry. Recalling the first time he heard the single - which is the closing track on the band's second studio album, (What's the Story) Morning Glory? - Bonehead told Radio X's Toby Tarrant: "Noel was saying, I'll play you a couple of songs that I've written - I think he played us the whole of the next album.

"The first one he did was Champagne Supernova, from start to finish, in the back lounge of the tour bus, at about 8 o'click in the evening. And I just fell apart. That's the Cancerian in me. It hit me, I was a blubbering wreck on the floor.

"I heard it really stripped down, it was just Noel's voice and an acoustic guitar. Which is not a million miles away from how it came out. But you knew it was a hit. I was that Oasis fan, hearing it for the first time. It was too much."

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