Noel Gallagher's greatest ever lyrics

29 May 2024, 16:15

Noel Gallagher in November 2021
Noel Gallagher in November 2021. Picture: GettyDave J Hogan/Getty Images

As The Chief celebrates his birthday, let's take a look back at his best words of wisdom - from Oasis to the High Flying Birds.

  1. “Do you keep the receipts for the friends that you buy?”

    Where Did It All Go Wrong? Oasis, 2000

    Oasis - Where Did It All Go Wrong? (Official Video)

  2. “You’re the only God that I’ll ever need.”

    If I Had A Gun, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, 2011

    Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - If I Had A Gun… (Official Music Video)

  3. "While we’re living, the dreams we had as children fade away."

    Fade Away, Oasis, 1994

    Oasis - Fade Away (Album Version)

  4. “You can’t give me a dream that was mine anyway.”

    Half The World Away, Oasis, 1994

    Oasis - Half The World Away (Official Lyric Video)

  5. “We the people fight for our existence. We don’t claim to be perfect but we’re free.”

    Little By Little, Oasis, 2002

    Oasis - Little By Little (Official Video)

  6. “I wanna talk tonight, until the morning light, ‘bout how you saved my life.”

    Talk Tonight, Oasis, 1995

    Oasis - Talk Tonight (Lyric Video)

  7. "Let me be the one that shines with you, in the morning when you don't know what to do."

    Slide Away, Oasis, 1994

    Oasis - Slide Away (Official Lyric Video)

  8. “These could be the best days of our lives, but I don’t think we’ve been living very wise.”

    Digsy's Dinner, Oasis, 1994

    Oasis - Digsy's Dinner (Official Lyric Video)

  9. “Please don’t put your life in the hands, of a rock n’ roll band, who’ll throw it all away.”

    Don't Look Back In Anger, Oasis, 1995

    Oasis - Don’t Look Back In Anger (Official Video)

  10. “Is it worth the aggravation to find yourself a job when there's nothing worth working for?”

    Cigarettes & Alcohol, Oasis, 1994

    Cigarettes & Alcohol

  11. “Because we need each other. We believe in one another.”

    Acquiesce, Oasis, 1995

    Oasis - Acquiesce

  12. "I got my feet on the street but I can't stop flyin'."

    The Shock Of The Lightning, Oasis, 2008

    Oasis - The Shock Of The Lightning (Official Video)

  13. “I’m free to be whatever I choose.”

    Whatever, Oasis, 1994

    Oasis - Whatever (Official Video)

  14. “You can have it all but how much do you want it?”

    Supersonic, Oasis, 1994

    Oasis - Supersonic

  15. “As they took his soul they stole his pride.”

    Cast No Shadow, Oasis, 1995

    Oasis - Cast No Shadow (Official Lyric Video)