Noel Gallagher reveals the one tattoo he would get if he was forced to

17 August 2021, 15:30 | Updated: 17 August 2021, 18:16

Noel reveals which tattoo he'd get

By Jenny Mensah

The former Oasis rocker isn't a fan of body art, but has revealed in his Radio X residency what he'd get done if he was made to get one.

Noel Gallagher has shared his disdain for tattoos, but revealed what he'd get if he absolutely had to.

In the latest episode of The Radio X Residency with Noel Gallagher, which aired on Sunday 15 August at 7pm, co-host Matt Morgan and the Oasis legend discussed the growing trend for having loads of inkings.

Asked why he's not into body art, the 54-year-old rocker explained: "I just think right, when you see lads mainly with loads of tattoos, like those footballers right?"

He added: "The tattoo on the leg, that’s particularly stupid isn’t it?"

Asked what he'd get for himself, he replied: "Well, I'd probably do something [Man City related]. Maybe a Lancashire Rose," adding: "I haven’t got the brain capacity to even think of things like that".

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The Radio X Residency with Noel Gallagher
The Radio X Residency with Noel Gallagher. Picture: Stefano Broli/Radio X

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While Gallagher reckons they look alright on the youth, he doesn't believe they age terribly well.

"Here’s my point about tattoos," he went on. "... A young guy or buff full of life, with his life in front of him, it’s a thing, they look quite... whatever.

"But when you’re seventy decrepit, old and got massive ears and a big nose and hair growing out of your earholes, it looks stupid doesn’t it?"

When Matt argued it was an old-fashioned stance, he countered: "Right then I’m old fashioned. Traditional I think you’ll find."

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Noel Gallagher also talked about Knebworth and revealed that he couldn't stop talking on stage.

The iconic shows saw the Manchester band play to 250,000 fans over two nights 25 years ago and it was such a momentous gig that the pressure may have gotten to him.

"Wait til you see the Knebworth gig," he told Matt Morgan. "My God. Shut up! I was like, alright, leave it out."

"What, you were talking a lot?" asked Matt.

"Yeah! Well, more than I should have been," revealed the Ballad of the Mighty I singer. "I was just getting carried away, because it was the biggest thing ever, you know what I mean?

"But we certainly enjoyed ourselves in the run up to that show, and afterwards... As I'm sure you can imagine."

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