Noel Gallagher names the most underrated Oasis B-side

13 March 2024, 14:56 | Updated: 14 March 2024, 02:08

Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher has shared a throwback clip. Picture: Press/Mitch Ikeda

The revelation came from the former Oasis rocker at a Q&A held in Kingston in August of last year.

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Noel Gallagher has named which Oasis track he believes is their most underrated B-side.

The Ballad of the Mighty I singer has shared a clip from a Q&A hosted by @felixwhite for Banquet Records at The Rose Theatre in Kingston last August.

Asked via fan submission, what he thought the best B-Side was from the Manchester band, he replied: "Well actually, that's a band where a lot of their legacy is built on its B-sides, so not a lot have slipped through the net."

"Going Nowhere, which has gone down brilliantly on this tour would be one of them," he mused.

When the crowds began to shout out their suggestions, he quipped: "They're not underrated, they're f***ing brilliant. What are you talking about?"

He went on: "There's one I've only played once called Idler's Dream, which is f***ing amazing. It's an amazing tune. [...] I never get to play it. I think I've played it twice. It's a really slow kind of thing, but most of them, I mean obviously all the B-sides are f***ing great.

"I don't know of another band that has got that amount of B-sides.

Felix White is a self-confessed huge Oasis fan and recalled to Radio X how he first met each Gallagher brother.

Speaking to Radio X's Dan O'Connell on The Evening Show, he revealed: "The first time I met Liam, I went to - at 16 years old - see Oasis support Neil Young in Paris and I think that might have been Heathen Chemistry Oasis [era] maybe?"

The 86TVs rocker went on: "Liam was on the Eurostar and I had a disposable camera and I very very very nervously asked for a disposable photo, which he said yes to and did the perfect B-boy stance next to me in a photo as I'm going bright red."

"I've never guarded a disposable camera with my life like anything," he admitted. "That was the most precious thing in the world for that moment on. I've still got that photo."

86TVs Felix White talks meeting the Gallagher brothers

His encounter with the Oasis frontman may have gone down perfectly, but when he spotted his brother Noel, things went slightly less smoothly.

"The first time I met Noel [...] We were in HMV and I was buying [The] Smiths - Hatful of Hollow, Love - Forever Changes and another record that I'd only thought of because Noel would talk about these records...

"And then my mate ran up to me as I was about to buy them and went, 'It's Noel Gallagher,' and as I say that now I can still see myself going white, but I ran to the shop and as he was walking out of HMV in Oxford Street and I chased after him. But as he left I still had the CDs in my hand and I set off the security alarm system out of HMV!

"As he turned to look at me, security were coming to get me and he was looking directly at me and I was trying to explain to him and them that I'm only buying these records because he's told me to".

Luckily for the Worn Out Buildings rocker, he's gone on to make a better impression on the Oasis songsmith and is even supporting him along with 86TVs at his outdoor date in London this summer.

Speaking about the band's supporting stint alongside Echo and The Bunnymen at Alexandra Palace Park on Saturday 20th July 2024.

Sharing the news with their fans, the band gushed: "A real dream one just in. We are on the bill for the Noel Gallagher show at Alexandra Palace Park show in July. Some other heroes in @Bunnymen on there too! Thank you @noelgallagher

"Now that you’re mine, we’ll find a way of chasing the sun"

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