WATCH: Musician gives Nirvana's Stay Away a coronavirus-themed update

24 March 2020, 16:09 | Updated: 24 March 2020, 18:29

Nirvana's Kurt Cobain in 1990
Nirvana's Kurt Cobain in 1990. Picture: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

YouTube artist Urian Hackney has filmed himself performing his take of the grunge band's Nevermind album track, which he's titled Stay Inside!

A musician has given Nirvana's classic Stay Away track an update in a bid to encourage people to self-isolate amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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The artist, who goes by the name of Urian Hackney has filmed himself performing all the parts of the Nevermind album track with what he calls "lyrics that are relevant to our current state".

Rather than screaming the refrain Stay Away, he sings Stay Inside and adds lyrics such as "Stay your stupid ass inside/Plan your trip another time".

Watch the multi-talented musician in action here:

Stay Inside! (Nirvana Stay Away cover) by: Urian Hackney of Rough Francis

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The song was even given the official Nirvana seal of approval, with it being shared on their official account with the caption: "Stay Inside!!!"

If that wan't enough rock props, it even got a cheeky retweet by the Foo Fighters too!

Meanwhile, this week has seen the Foos treat fans who are self-isolating with a visual spectacle by giving some of their vintage gigs a cheeky update.

Taking to Twitter they wrote: "While we're all watching YouTube vids right now, we're making some of ours a little clearer for you. Keep washing those hands."

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It comes after Dave Grohl revealed the band's belief that the recording sessions for their 10th studio album were marred by paranormal activity.

As reported by NME, frontman Dave Grohl told Mojo magazine: "When we walked into the house in Encino, I knew the vibes were definitely off but the sound was f***ing on.

"We started working there and it wasn't long before things started happening. We would come back to the studio the next day and all of the guitars would be detuned.

"Or the setting we'd put on the board, all of them had gone back to zero."

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"It got to the point where I brought one of those nest cams that I still have at home, for when my kids would sleep in their cribs," added the Everlong singer.

"I set it up overnight so we could see if there was anyone there or anyone was coming to f**k with us.

"At first, nothing. And right around the time we thought we were ridiculous and we were out of our minds, we started to see things on the nest cam that we couldn't explain.

"Then when we found out about the history of the house, I had to sign a f***ing non-disclosure agreement with the landlord because he's trying to sell the place.

"So, I can't give away what happened there in the past but these multiple occurrences over a short period of time made us finish the album as quickly as we could."

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