WATCH: The Amazons take aim at soundtracks and Morrissey's covers album artwork

3 June 2019, 06:30

Frontman Matt Thomson discussed the prevalence of official soundtracks in the charts and joked about the former Smiths frontman's artwork.

The Amazons visited Radio X this week to talk about their new album Future Dust, and discussed some of their rivals in the album charts, including Elton John and Morrissey.

However, speaking to Gordon Smart, frontman Matt Thomson revealed he has a little bone to pick with official soundtracks, because its seems unfair to go up against them.

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"You know what? I'm so done with official albums being in the charts," said the Black Magic rocker. "I think that will change but we can't do anything about it.

Referring to the official Rocketman soundtrack, he added: "Like the Elton John thing... Love Elton, massive fans, but the soundtrack AND his greatest hits are in there. It's just crazy.

"And then The Greatest Showman... If you listen to The Greatest Showman then please turn off your radios immediately."

Turning his attention to the former Smiths frontman, he joked: "And then we got Morrissey as well. One of the worst artworks I've seen in years. It looks like he made it on Microsoft paint".

The Reading rockers also talked about the "unbelievable" response they've received from their second album, Future Dust, so far.

Watch them discuss the follow up to their self-titled debut here:

The Amazons Future Dust is out now

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