Why Liam Gallagher doesn't like watching Man City at the Etihad

29 February 2020, 07:00 | Updated: 29 February 2020, 07:01

Find out why the former Oasis frontman pines for the old days of watching his beloved Man City at Maine Road.

Liam Gallagher has revealed he doesn't like going to watch football at the Etihad stadium.

The former Oasis rocker is a life-long Man City F.C fan, but isn't as keen on their most recent home ground, saying "it's like watching the f***ing the opera".

"I don’t go and watch them anymore. I don’t really like the Etihad," he told NME. "I don’t dig it man, it’s like going and watching the fucking opera"

The Once singer explained: "The last time I seen City I got told to be quiet by some fucking donut who was too busy looking at his menu. I was jumping up and down and he went, ‘Can you be fucking quiet?’ It must have been interfering, like messing with his brain; he didn’t know whether to have the prawns or the fucking caviar."

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Liam Gallagher plays Austria in February 2020
Liam Gallagher plays Austria in February 2020. Picture: GEORG HOCHMUTH/APA/AFP via Getty Images

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Meanwhile, Liam has also talked about joining forces with Man Utd legend Eric Cantona on his Once video.

Talking about the former footballer's no nonsense approach to the shoot and how he didn't take any money for his appearance, he recalled; "We said ‘look, how much do you want?’"

The rocker continued: And he goes – ‘I do not want nothing. I will be there. I don’t want a hotel. I do not want picking up. I will be there.’ And he turned up on his fucking own with his suitcase and just fucking went for it."

And when it comes to fellow Man City fans who take issue with him crossing enemy lines in working with the Frenchman, Gallagher said: "Cantona’s a star, he’s a rock’n’roll footballer.

"I like his madness. And I don’t give a shit whether City fans don’t like it or if there’s a few of them whinging that probably weren’t even fucking born to know who he fucking even is. So kiss my arse."

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