Liam Gallagher: "The BRIT Awards needs a bit of me"

8 February 2022, 10:00

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher has talked about his upcoming appearance at the BRIT Awards 2022. Picture: Greg Williams/Press

By Jenny Mensah

The former Oasis frontman will take to the stage at the star-studded awards ceremony tonight and he told Chris Moyles why his presence is so important.

Liam Gallagher has spoken about his upcoming appearance at the BRIT Awards 2022.

The former Oasis rocker will perform his brand new single, Everything's Electric at the star-studded ceremony and he spoke to Chris Moyles ahead of the show.

"I can't wait, man," he said. "Prime TV, that's where I need to be. I think I still do the job, man."

He added: "I think the BRIT Awards needs a bit of me. There are people out there that like this kind of music, I think it gets kind of swamped with a certain genre of music. I think they need to chill out and bring other people in. So I'll be there... representing."

Gallagher joins the likes of Adele, Ed Sheeran, Sam Fender, Little Simz, Anne-Marie, KSI, Dave and Holly Humberstone to play the event, which takes place at The O2, London this Tuesday 8th February.

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Meanwhile, last week saw Liam Gallagher unveil his Everything's Electric single, which is the first take to come from his C'Mon You Know album.

Speaking of the single, the Manchester rocker revealed: "It kicks the doors open to what's next".

However, those hoping to see more of the same may be surprised as Gallagher revealed much of the record is a bit "peculiar".

"Some of it's odd, man," he told Moyles. "80% of the record is a bit peculiar. But still good. And 20% of it is kind of classic, like Everything's Electric."

However, Liam assured fans: "I still sound normal, and mega and all that, but if you're gonna do something a bit different, do it in these times because if people don't like it, blame it on COVID. And then we'll go back to the normal stuff."

C'Mon You Know is released on 27th May 2022 and is available to pre-order now via

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