Liam Gallagher Hates It When Southerners Call Him “Li”

15 February 2018, 17:08 | Updated: 16 February 2018, 17:03

Johnny Vaughan discovers one of the former Oasis man’s beefs… he hates people messing with his name.


Liam Gallagher turned the tables on Johnny Vaughan recently when he came into the Radio X studios… and ended up interviewing Johnny!

Johnny was midway through an anecdote about his fridge (no, seriously), when he discovered something that really grinds Liam’s gears.

It’s people shortening his name when he’s out and about down South.

He explains: “Down here, some people call me Li. Alright Li? There’s an ‘am” on the end of it.”

The former Oasis legend painted the picture:

“Lee is a different beast altogether. ‘Alright Li!’ It’s Liam. ‘Yeah, same thing, innit?’

“No, there’s a fucking AM on the end!”

“I think they call Noel, No. Which is not too bad. Li and No.”

Stay tuned for the full encounter between Liam and Johnny, when the Wall Of Glass singer takes over the driving seat at Radio X.

Watch Liam perform the Oasis classic Some Might Say live on the roof of Radio X:

Radio X will be hosting a very special Liam Gallagher Day on Sunday 18 February. Danny Wallace will be chatting to the singer on his Important Broadcast at 11am, while John kennedy will take the legend back over his career before playing out the singer’s acoustic gig recorded live on the roof of Radio X’s studios, from 7pm on Sunday night.