Liam Gallagher goes on bizarre rant about John Lennon’s death, the government and more

20 April 2020, 12:55 | Updated: 20 April 2020, 13:13

Radio X presents Liam Gallagher at the O₂ Ritz, Manchester
Radio X presents Liam Gallagher at the O₂ Ritz, Manchester. Picture: Radio X/Jon Mo Photography

The former Oasis rocker shared a string of tweets, which seemed to tackle a variety of topics, including the name of his 'first single'.

Liam Gallagher has been back on Twitter sharing his thoughts on life in a bizarre rant.

Taking to the platform in the early hours of last night, the former Oasis frontman both confused and amused his fans by sharing a string of tweets tackling everything from the media to the assassination of the late The Beatle John Lennon and the civil rights icon Martin Luther King.

The Manchester rocker began: "Ya can’t say nish man as the dopes will stone ya to death funny though as they’ll have to import the stones from China and it’ll take 3 months to get here so rave on Rastas LG x"

He added: "Those murders who killed lennon MLK Donald fucking duck they still roam the earth they can’t get near us now they’ll only stub there own toe stay safe swerve religion eat shit and wash your hands fuck Media set fire to government".

See his stream of consciousness here:

However, suggesting that he may have overshared, the Shockwave singer soon added: "First single is called Zip it".

Liam's fans might not have any idea what he's going on about here, but one message they do understand loud and clear is Liam's love for the "BIBLICAL" NHS.

The Once singer recently announced that he'd be taking part in a free gig for NHS workers in October this year, with Primal Scream announced as support acts so far.

All tickets appear to have been allocated for the event, but some fans have claimed that they are falling into the hands of non NHS workers who are already trying to sell them online.

One fan named tomchitty66 commented under Liam's Instagram post: "Doing anymore liam? Seen loads of people who aren’t nhs staff get them on twitter and that. Raging."

Another called pretty_spezial said: "The people that have bought tickets who don't work for the NHS are the wrong'uns that give this country a bad name. F***kin disgraceful."

NorthernMonkey wrote on Twitter: "NHS gig tickets already being sold on for profit with the offer to be accompanied down on the night to get you into the gig.....cancel them all and use NHS E-Mails to secure tickets only!!!! With ticket holder having to go in to the event!!!!"

Get the latest NHS advice on Coronavirus

The O2's terms and conditions for the event clearly say that the event is for NHS staff and NHS contract staff only, who work in hospitals in the UK.

They state: "This ticket has no monetary value. You may not sell, or offer to sell tickets for this event."

They add: "You must bring a valid NHS ID, Primary Care Trust ID card or Blue Light Card (original format, no photocopies), or details of employment if NHS contract staff, and this must match the name on your ticket or admission will be refused."

See their full terms and conditions here.

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