Caleb Followill weighs in on nepo baby debate: "I’m not giving my kids s***"

14 May 2024, 16:00 | Updated: 14 May 2024, 20:21

Kings of Leon's Caleb Followill at Lollapalooza Brazil 2024
Kings of Leon's Caleb Followill at Lollapalooza Brazil 2024. Picture: Buda Mendes/Getty Images

By Jenny Mensah

The Kings Of Leon frontman has shared his thoughts on the hot topic.

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Caleb Followill has vowed to not let his children fall back his success.

The Kings of Leon frontman shares daughter Dixie Pearl and son Winston Roy with the American model Lily Aldridge and quizzed about the subject, he told The Independent: "Nepo babies? No, I'm not giving my kids s***. They gotta get it themselves."

Speaking of his own mother Betty-Anne Leon Followill and the lessons that she taught him, the Use Somebody singer added: "You don’t have to have everything to go get everything. You can start with very little and go very far if you work hard."

The band released their Can We Please Have Fun album on Friday (10th May), which includes the singles Mustang, Split Screen and Nowhere To Run, which you can watch the official video for below:

Kings Of Leon - Nowhere to Run (Official Video)

Asked how the new material is going down live so far, Caleb told Radio X that their lead single felt bigger than Sex on Fire when they tested it in Mexico.

"We didn't know where to put it [in the set]," he recalled to Dan O'Connell on The Evening Show. "It had just come out, but we put it at the end of the set, right before Sex on Fire, but we played it and broke into Sex on Fire and Sex on Fire felt small.

"It felt like a tiny song next to Mustang."

Caleb and his brother also discussed their changing relationship to their Sex On Fire hit amid it surpassing a billion streams.

The frontman admitted: "It's one of those songs that we used to kind of... you don't dread playing it, but it's one of those things where you would just see how much bigger of a response it got to everything else and it made you feel bad for the rest of [the set].

"But then you get to a point of pride where you go, 'Man we did this. We wrote this song. Let's go out there and enjoy it."

He added: "We always know we have it in our pocket and between that and Use Somebody, I don't think there are many places in the world where we couldn't break into those songs and people wouldn't be like, 'Oh I know this song!'"

Kings of Leon on new album and "creating a legacy"

When it comes to achieving more bucket list moments, the band added that there were "always new boxes" to tick.

"There's always new boxes," said bassist Jared. "I mean, I think that we all probably have lofty goals, but without ignoring the fact that we've hit a lot of awesome milestones, I think that respect is a big one and creating a legacy.

"Going down as a band that was important and meant something and did good things."

The pair also took part in a special X-Posure track by track with John Kennedy, for the album, which you can watch in full below:

Kings Of Leon - Can We Please Have Fun track by track

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