Classic album titles

What’s the meaning behind these classic album titles?

Ravers in the Hacienda, Manchester

This is how Manchester's Haçienda celebrated Christmas back in the day

Ian Curtis performing with Joy Division in January 1980

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The Smths in 1987: Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce, Morrissey and Johnny Marr

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Alan McGee, co owner Creation Records label

19 indie record labels that changed the face of music

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Joy Division's Ian Curtis and Peter Hook in 1979

How Transmission became Joy Division's first classic song

Final album covers

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Ian Curtis of Joy Division

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Morrissey perfoming live wth The Smiths in 1985 and the cover of their album Rank

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The Beatles make their way to the stage for their final "real" gig: Candlestick Park, San Francisco, 29 August 1966

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1980s Album Covers

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Ian Curtis of Joy Division

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