Biffy Clyro announce new album The Myth of the Happily Ever After and single Unknown Male 01

3 September 2021, 13:43

Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil at Leeds Festival 2021
Biffy Clyro have announced their new album. Picture: Jon Mo Photography

By Jenny Mensah

Simon Neil and co have shared the details of their latest album and its lead single Unknown Male 01.

Biffy Clyro have announced their brand new album will be titled The Myth Of The Happily Ever After and released on 22 October 2021.

The band's frontman Simon Neil explained: "This is a reaction to ‘A Celebration of Endings'. This album is a real journey, a collision of every thought and emotion we’ve had over the past eighteen months."

Fans can pre-order the album from the Biffy Clyro store now.

With it comes the release of its first single, a six-minute-long piece entitled Unknown Male 01, which is said to explore themes of loss.

Speaking about the single, Simon Neil said: "When you lose people that you love deeply and have been a big part of your life, it can make you question every single thing about your own life.

"Like a lot of creative people, I struggle with dark thoughts. If you’re that way inclined you realise you’re staring at darkness, but you don’t want to succumb. Those moments don’t stop. As the song says, ‘The devil never leaves.’ There’s never a day where you wake up thinking, ‘I feel great, it won’t cross me ever again.’”

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On the album, Neil revealed and how it differs from their last Simon Neil said: "This album is a real journey, a collision of every thought and emotion we’ve had over the past eighteen months".

"There was a real fortitude in ‘A Celebration’ but in this record we’re embracing the vulnerabilities of being a band and being a human in this twisted era of our lives.

"Even the title is the polar opposite. It’s asking, do we create these narratives in our own minds to give us some security when none of us know what’s waiting for us at the end of the day?"

See the tracklist for The Myth Of The Happily Ever After:

1. DumDum
2. A Hunger in Your Haunt
3. Denier
4. Separate Missions
5. Witch’s Cup
6. Holy Water
7. Errors in the History of God
8. Haru Urara
9. Unknown Male 01
10. Existed
11. Slurpy Slurpy Sleep Sleep

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