VIDEO: Danny Dyer Says Dani Will "Nick" Love Island "Readies"

29 June 2018, 15:07 | Updated: 2 July 2018, 18:21

The EastEnders star has talked about his daughter appearing on the show, and he reckons she'll win the cash prize.

Danny Dyer has opened up about his daughter appearing on this year's Love Island, and thinks she'll win it.

Watch the clip above from the ITV talk show.

Discussing the show on Good Evening Britain last night, the cockney geezer said: "Yeah me daughter's on Love Island Piers. I mean, it's a nutty thing."

Asked what his first reaction was to hearing she was set to enter villa, the EastEnders actor - who plays Mick Carter in the popular soap - said: "I didn't want her to go in, but you fear it as a father.

"No listen it is what it is. It's a game show. Fifty grand's at stake. It's a lot of dough and Dani's gonna win it.

"She's going to nick the readies!"

It's not the only subject that was tackled by the 'ard man, who shared his anger at Brexit and David Cameron in particular.

Watch his expletive-filled rant in the clip below:

It isn't the first time actor has caused a stir with his hilarious take on everyday subjects.

Find out what absolutely does his nut in about being a Dad on Channel 4 show, Parenting For Idiots: 

Absolute genius courtesy of Danny Dyer.

Posted by Channel 4 on Saturday, 11 February 2017



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