Tony Hawk recalls worst injury ever was on Steve-O's Wildboyz

24 February 2021, 14:47

Tony Hawk looks back on his worst ever injury
Tony Hawk looks back on his worst ever injury. Picture: YouTube/ Steve-O's Wild Ride

The legendary professional skater has looked back on his worst ever injuries of all time, which took place when he was on MTV show Wildboyz.

Tony Hawk has recalled his worst ever accident and it didn't even take place while he was competing.

The pro skater, entrepreneur and all round dude appeared on Steve-O's Wild Ride! show to talk about the harrowing event, which led to him sustaining some of the most serious injuries he'd ever had.

Looking back at the event, which occured when he attempted to ride a "loop" for Steve-O's Wildboyz series, the pair revealed how being "cocky" led him to not wearing a helmet.

"I did the loop for Wildboyz and came crashing down and broke my pelvis, my thumb, cracked my skull," he recalled.

Watch their description of the gnarly event, which occurred on the Jackass spin-off here:

Asked if that was a pretty heavy concussion, he replied: "Yeah I woke up. I mean, you know when you're concussed there's a moment you remember coming to, truly. Even though you're talking or whatever, there's a moment when your brain kicks in.

Steve-O interjected: "I remember it being so upsetting. I remember they were loading you onto a stretcher and you were saying something like, 'Don't let my kids see this'."

Unfortunately for Tony Hawk, the show's idea of having him wear a chimp suit while attempting a wooden loop at Bob Burnquist's house proved to be his undoing, as it prevented him from being able to fit a helmet on his head.

The sporting legend replied: "I was so cocky about the [previous] loop that we had been doing, that I thought 'We got this' and then I remember Bob went down first and he bailed.

"And I really should have seen that as a warning sign as Bob, on his own loop, bailed."

Remind yourself of the moment here:

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