This is The most common thing Spud actor Ewen Bremner gets asked about Trainspotting...

22 February 2019, 17:28 | Updated: 1 October 2019, 12:43

Ewen Bremner in Trainspotting 2 poster

We celebrate 23 years since the cult film was released with Radio X's interview with Ewen Bremner, who plays the hapless spud in the British classic.

This week marks 23 years since Trainspotting was first released on 23 February 1996 and to celebrate, we're looking back at the time, Ewen Bremner revealed the question he gets asked the most by Trainspotting fans.

The Scottish actor may have had some pretty unforgettable moments in the film's 2017 sequel, T2 Trainspotting, but he can never escape one the scene from the original, which sees him splatter his own faeces all over his girlfriend and her parents.

Speaking to Radio X's Gordon Smart, Bremner revealed: "I usually get asked what the stuff was made from in the breakfast scene that I spray the family with..."

Watch it again here:

"That's probably the most common question," added the Wonder Woman star. "People are fascinated with that like, 'what is it made of? Was it real sh...?'

"Which is quite amazing that people thought it might have been. We had to do that scene so many times, and to spray three actors with real excrement would be a bit out of bounds". 


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