When is Killing Eve season 2 released in the UK, who’s in the cast with Jodie Comer & what will happen this series?

28 March 2019, 11:01 | Updated: 2 April 2019, 11:33

As the second instalment of the hit assassin drama approaches starring Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh, we tell you everything we know so far.

It's not long until Killing Eve series two hits our screens.

BBC America released their first official trailer for the hit drama, starring Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh, back in February and have been teasing it ever since.

Watch the final trailer for the show, which was just released today (27 March).

As we get closer and closer to the second instalment of the assassin and MI5 series, find out everything we need to know about it so far including its release date, cast and characters, plot and reactions here...

See the first trailer, which was revealed earlier this year

When will Killing Eve air on UK TV?

The show is confirmed to air on BBC America on 7 April 2019, and it is expected to arrive in the UK soon after.

As Radio Times reported, speaking at the Hewlett Memorial Lecture, the BBC’s director of content Charlotte Moore told fans they would “not have to wait so long next time”.

Who stars in Killing Eve season 2?

The second season of the hit show will of course witness the return of Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri and Jodie Comer as Villanelle.

The series also welcomes new MI5 recruits Hugo, who is played by Edward Blackwell and Jess, who is played by Nina Sosanya.

According to IMDb TV fans can also expect to see Mighty Boosh's Julian Barratt make an appearance in the first episode of the second season.

See the main cast members we know of starring in season 2 so far below:

Sandra Oh - Eve Polastri

Jodie Comer - Villanelle

Sean Delany - Kenny Stowton

Fiona Shaw - Carolyn Martens

Nina Sosanya - Jess

Edward Blackwell - Hugo

Susan Lynch - Anna

What can we expect to happen? *SPOILER ALERT*

Eve stabs Villanelle at the end of season one, and season 2 picks up from where it left off... well, literally 30 seconds after anyway.

As we all know by now, Villanelle recovers from her stabbing and the obsession between the pair continue as Eve is tasked with finding the Russian assassin.

However, as the latest teaser seems to confirm, Eve seems torn between her job and protecting Villanelle.

See the second trailer for Killing Eve here:

What are the reactions to Killing Eve season 2 so far?

The early reactions are in and so far, so good, but they warn us the season will be brutal and unexpected.

Chris Evangelista from Slashflim said: "Killing Eve is better than ever".

Brad Travers from Indie Wire says: "Season 2 tends to act a little more like Villanelle than Eve."

So, we've got teaser trailers, a release date (sort of), and the cast.

There's only one thing left... for it to hit our screens!