Emily in Paris 2: Trailer, release date, cast and what to expect

20 December 2021, 16:02 | Updated: 20 December 2021, 16:24

Watch the Emily In Paris season 2 trailer

By Jenny Mensah

The second season of the divisive Netflix series has released its official trailer. Watch it here and find out when it returns.

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Emily in Paris is almost due to return for its second season and next month and ahead of its release has come its official trailer.

Netflix's fish out of water romcom series, which stars Lily Collins in the titular role, has proved divisive among viewers due to its depiction of the French and their capital city.

Despite that, there's plenty of fans waiting with baited breath to see what Emily gets up to next.

Watch the official trailer for Emily in Paris and find out what to expect from the second instalment of the series.

Emily in Paris season 2 comes to Netflix this winter
Emily in Paris season 2 comes to Netflix this winter. Picture: YouTube/Netflix

When is Emily in Paris season 2 released?

Emily in Paris season 2 is out on Netflix from 22nd December 2021.

Is there an Emily in Paris season 2 trailer?

Yes. A new trailer has been released which sees heroine Emily get up to a more tangled web when it comes to love and life.

Watch it below:

Watch the Emily In Paris season 2 trailer

Who's in the cast of Emily in Paris 2?

Lily Collins returns as the titular character. Also back is Ashley Park as Mindy Chen, Phillippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Slyvie and Samuel Arnold as work pal Julian. Lucas Bravo also stars as Gabriel, Camille Razat as Camille and William Abadie as Antoine Lambert. Lucien Laviscount joins the cast as yet another love interest for Emily.

Emily In Paris cast tease what happens in season 2

What's the synopsis of Emily in Paris season 2?

Season 2 is believed to pick up from where season 1 left off with Emily just sleeping with Gabriel thinking he's set to leave for Normandy the next day. Unfortunately, due to a generous investment from Emily's Savoir client, Antoine, he ends up sticking around. Cue plenty of complications in Emily's love life as she runs around in inexplicably unrealistic outfits bemoaning her situation.

Emily in Paris season 2 is out on Netflix on 22nd December.


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