Are These The 5 Scariest Moments In Stephen King Movies?

The Shining

The Master Of Horror is 70 years old today! But which of his stories have been turned into the most terrifying films of all time? Let’s take a look… if you dare.

Stephen King celebrated his 70th birthday last year on 21 September with a huge box office hit in the remake of his novel IT.

Over 40 years, King has concocted some of American’s greatest nightmares, with many of them being turned into some incredible movies. Check out the most blood curdling, seat-jumping and simply unnerving moments in King’s filmography here...

5. “Come Play With Us, Danny”

King wasn’t happy with Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 adaptation of his novel about a haunted hotel and the family that spends the winter there, but the rest of us loved it. There are so many great scenes: the elevator full of blood, the weird ghostly inhabitants and “Heeeeeere’s Johnny!” But there’s one creepy incident featuring young Danny Torrance, the boy with the psychic connection to the horrors that took place a long time ago…

4. The "Hobbling"

The novel Misery was more of a nail-biting thriller than out-and-out horror. But the scene where crazy nurse Annie Wilkes takes measures to stop her captive, bed-ridden author Paul Sheldon, from escaping again is genuinely horrifying. Itt’s Kathy Bates’ line to James Caan at the end of this clip from the 1990 movie version that really chills the blood.

3. Mr Barlow Pops Up

Salem’s Lot was King’s second book and was adapted into a two-part TV movie by director Tobe Hooper of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame in 1979. Starsky And Hutch star David Soul was the hero and the legendary James Mason was the villain, but it was Reggie Nalder as the mysterious Mr Barlow that stole the show… especially when he paid a visit to the local town jail.

2. “Ohh yes... they float Georgie…”

Perhaps the most famous scene in all of Stephen King’s back catalogue is the opening of his mammoth novel It, which sees Bill Denborough’s brother Georgie meet Pennywise the Clown. Bill Skarsgård stars as the evil presence in the 2017 remake, but we still have a soft spot for Tim Curry’s turn as the creepiest character in the movies.

1. The final scene in Carrie

This - along with the “head” scene in Jaws - was the original “popcorn-throwing” moment of modern movies. After Sissy Spacek’s title character has wreaked her fiery, telekinetic revenge on her hated schoolmates, one of the survivors is depicted visiting her grave… But just wait and see what happens.