Jamiroquai's Jay Kay addresses resemblance to Trump supporter who stormed Capitol

7 January 2021, 16:34 | Updated: 8 January 2021, 12:16

The British singer-songwriter has shared a video after he trended on Twitter during the unrest at the US government building.

By Jenny Mensah

Jamiroquai has broken his silence after resembling a Trump supporter involved in the unrest at Capitol Hill.

The Virtual Insanity singer trended on Twitter on Wednesday (6 January) due to his likeness to a man identified as Jake Angeli, who was among those who stormed the Capitol Building in historic scenes.

Now, the British singer-songwriter has shared a tweet with the caption: "Good Morning Washington, loving the headgear, but not sure that's my crowd. Stay safe everyone, J xxx".

In the video itself Jamiroquai, whose real name is Jay Kay, said in an American accent: "Good morning world! Now some of you may be thinking you saw me in Washington last night, but I'm afraid I wasn't with all those freaks."

Speaking in his own accent, he added: "Erm. Just to say, yeah. Happy New Year to all of you. Haven't seen you for ages. Lockdown, UK. Thank you for all your birthday messages. 51. Few greys darling...

"We'd like to get back on the road but of course we can't because lockdown. So, haven't seen the band for ages. Big hug to all them".

Using his platform to share his thoughts on the pandemic, he added: "And just to say COVID-19 still going on, UK lockdown. However, the way we treat all our animals, farming them, caging them. All the rest of it. We're just going to keep on getting this again and again, so hopefully we can just learn our lesson.

"Aside from that, Happy New Year. A big hug to you all. Stay with it."

Jamiroquai and Trump supporter at Capitol Building
Jamiroquai and Trump supporter at Capitol Building. Picture: 1. Twitter/Jamiroquai 2. Douglas Christian Zuma Press/ PA Images

The Cosmic Girl singer wasn't the only British artist who reacted to being compared to one of the protestors.

Badly Drawn Boy also took to Twitter after a fan likened him to a man in the building, joking: "I don't remember this. I'd had a few drinks".

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