Summer of illegal raves predicted to rise as lockdown eases in England

21 June 2020, 14:00 | Updated: 21 June 2020, 14:01

Stock clubbing raving image
Stock clubbing raving image. Picture: Getty Creative/Flashpop

According to clubbing experts, the country could be set to experience a "summer of rave" as socially-starved music lovers flout rules on mass gatherings.

Clubbing and nighttime experts have predicted a rise in illegal raves in England due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This month has seen scenes of music events and gatherings going viral, with one in Greater Manchester witnessing three stabbings, the rape of a woman in attendance, and the fatal overdose of a 20-year-old man.

Now, as reported by The Guardian, though lockdown restrictions have been eased in England this month, it is thought that ad hoc parties will keep being organised on social media as young "socially staved" young people seek out ways to connect and blow off steam.

Mike Kill, the chief executive of the Night Time Industries Association, commented: "The youth of today want to be out and want to be engaged. There are a lot of people out there who are socially starved at the moment. And that’s why these illegal raves are starting to pop up because [people] have been trapped inside four walls for a long time now … I don’t think there is anyone in our industry who couldn’t see this coming."

Kill added: "Without very clear timelines there’s a lot of people looking at creating their own opportunities, socially, and putting on raves – almost like the 80s in some respects."

James Morsh, a club promoter from Nottingham who last month organised a socially distance rave in a forest, said: "You know the summer of 89? I think this is a new revolution on the scale of that … All the clubs are shut, everyone is at home, people have been cooped up at home for three months. As soon as they catch wind of anything, on Snapchat, Instagram stories or whatever, they’re like, ‘Where’s that? WhatsApp me the pin’".

According to reports, Police in Wales and Scotland have not reported a significant problem with illegal raves, which could be due to lockdown restrictions not being lifted.

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