Haim recall the "nuts" time Este collapsed at Glastonbury Festival

27 June 2020, 09:00 | Updated: 27 June 2020, 09:01

Haim explain why Glastonbury is their Live Affirming moment

The Forever trio cited the Somerset festival as one of the best things they've experienced, despite bassist Este fainting the first time they played.

Haim have cited Glastonbury festival as one of their most "live affirming" moments, despite one of them becoming very ill the first time they played there together.

The trio of sisters - made up of lead vocalist Danielle, bassist Este and drummer Alana - book festivals all over the world, but it turns out the Somerset event has a special place in their heart.

Asked by Radio X's George Godfrey about one most life changing gigs they've ever experienced or played, Este replied: "I mean, playing Glastonbury for us is like... every time it's just so nuts".

Danielle added: Growing up in America, you see Glastonbury on TV. Sometimes they'll do like a recap or a channel will play a year's worth of Glastonbury [...] and you're like 'Whoa, what is this crazy festival?' And we would read up on it every year and obsess about it."

She continued: I played it first with [The Strokes' frontman] Julian Casablancas since I was in his solo band and we played the John Peel Stage, and I remember being like 'Oh my god! I can't wait 'til maybe one day me and my sisters will come here for fun'. I never thought that we'd come and actually play."

Glastonbury has been eventful for the trio in more ways than one, as type 1 diabetic Este fainted at the side of stage after taking insulin for her condition but not being able to eat.

Despite passing out during their first ever set, she recalled: "I did do the rest of the show. I did do the rest of the set sitting down and the last song I stood up. But I did it!"

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