The stars we lost in 2019

30 December 2019, 08:00 | Updated: 30 December 2019, 08:01

Keith Flint 1969 - 2019
Keith Flint 1969 - 2019. Picture: Chris Davison/Photoshot/Getty Images

Radio X looks at the musicians, actors and other celebrities that sadly passed away in 2019.

  1. Keith Flint, The Prodigy

    Keith Flint of The Prodigy in 1997
    Keith Flint of The Prodigy in 1997. Picture: Shutterstock

    The iconic frontman of the British dance act took his own life on 4 March. He was 49.

  2. Mark Hollis, Talk Talk

    Mark Hollis of Talk Talk on The Tube in 1986
    Mark Hollis of Talk Talk on The Tube in 1986. Picture: ITV/Shutterstock

    The frontman of the much-loved British band and acclaimed solo artist died on 25 February, aged 64.

  3. Peter Tork, The Monkees

    Peter Tork in The Monkees' movie Head, in 1968
    Peter Tork in The Monkees' movie Head, in 1968. Picture: Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock

    The former member of 60s band The Monkees died on 21 February, aged 77.

  4. Andy Anderson, The Cure

    The Cure in 1984, with Andy Anderson second from right.
    The Cure in 1984, with Andy Anderson second from right. Picture: Fin Costello/Redferns/Getty Images

    The musician, who drummed with The Cure between 1983 and 1984 on tracks like The Love Cats, lost his battle with cancer on 26 February. He was 68.

  5. Scott Walker

    Scott Walker
    Scott Walker. Picture: Dezo Hoffman/Shutterstock

    The American-born singer-songwriter, who made his name as part of The Walker Brothers and then as an acclaimed solo artist, died on 22 March, aged 76.

  6. Rutger Hauer

    Rutger Hauer
    Rutger Hauer. Picture: Snap/Shutterstock

    The Dutch actor, best known for his roles in Blade Runner and The Hitcher, died on 19 July aged 75.

  7. Albert Finney

    Albert Finney
    Albert Finney. Picture: ITV/Shutterstock

    The English actor, best known for the 1960 film Saturday Night And Sunday Morning, in which he says the phrase "Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not", died on 7 February 2019 aged 82.

  8. Ric Ocasek, The Cars

    Ric Ocasek onstage with The Cars
    Ric Ocasek onstage with The Cars. Picture: MediaPunch/Shutterstock

    The frontman with new wave band The Cars died on 15 September, aged 75. He also produced several bands, including Weezer's debut album in 1994.

  9. Jeremy Hardy

    The English comedian and radio panelist died on 1 February, aged 57.

    Jeremy Hardy
    Jeremy Hardy. Picture: Jackie Di Stefano/Shutterstock
  10. Peter Fonda

    Peter Fonda
    Peter Fonda. Picture: Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock

    The US actor, son of Henry Fonda and brother of Jane, died on 16 August, aged 79. He starred in movies such as Easy Rider, The Wild Angels, Futureworld and Race With The Devil.

  11. Gary Rhodes

    Gary Rhodes
    Gary Rhodes. Picture: Duncan Ridgley/Shutterstock

    The British TV chef died on 26 November during a break in filming in Dubai. He was 59.

  12. Ginger Baker

    Ginger Baker
    Ginger Baker. Picture: Associated Newspapers/Shutterstock

    The former drummer with supergroup Cream died on 6 October, aged 80.

  13. Kim Shattuck

    Kim Shattuck
    Kim Shattuck. Picture: Andre Csillag/Shutterstock

    The former member of US punk band The Muffs, and one-time bassist with the Pixies, died on 2 October aged 56 from complications resulting from motor neurone disease.

  14. Caroll Spinney

    Caroll Spinney and Oscar the Grouch
    Caroll Spinney and Oscar the Grouch. Picture: Startraks/Shutterstock

    The puppeteer, who gave life to Sesame Street's Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, died on 8 December, aged 85.

  15. Luke Perry

    Luke Perry
    Luke Perry. Picture: Adam Scull/photolink/Shutterstock

    The Beverley Hills 90210 actor died from a massive stroke on 4 March, aged 52.

  16. Peter Mayhew

    Peter Mayhew
    Peter Mayhew. Picture: MediaPunch/Shutterstock

    The English-born actor, whose 7 foot 3 height made him ideal to play Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies, died of a heart attack on 30 April, aged 74.

  17. Dick Dale

    Dick Dale
    Dick Dale. Picture: Ross Pelton/Shutterstock

    The surf guitarist, best known for his track Misirlou, which was the theme to the movie Pulp Fiction, died on 16 March, aged 81.

  18. Doris Day

    Doris Day
    Doris Day. Picture: Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock

    The legendary movie actress died on 13 May, aged 97. She was best known for roles in American movies and musicals like Calamity Jane.

  19. Russi Taylor

    Russi Taylor and Minnie Mouse
    Russi Taylor and Minnie Mouse. Picture: Startraks/Shutterstock

    The US actress, who voiced animated characters such as Minnie Mouse and Martin Prince in The Simpsons, died on 26 July, aged 75.

  20. Jan-Michael Vincent

    Jan-Michael Vincent
    Jan-Michael Vincent. Picture: Globe Photos/Shutterstock

    The star of the US TV series Airwolf died on 10 February, aged 73.

  21. Niki Lauda

    Niki Lauda
    Niki Lauda. Picture: Colorsport/Shutterstock

    The three time Formula One World Champion died on 20 May, aged 70. Lauda suffered severe burns in August 1976, when his car crashed during the German Grand Prix, but returned to race six weeks later.

  22. Gordon Banks

    Gordon Banks
    Gordon Banks. Picture: Monty Fresco/Associated Newspapers/Shutterstock

    The British goalkeeper, who was part of the 1966 England World Cup squad, died on 12 February, aged 81.

  23. Peter Sissons

    Peter Sissons
    Peter Sissons. Picture: Neville Marriner/Daily Mail/Shutterstock

    Liverpool-born Sissons presented news on ITN and the BBC, alongside hosting Question Time between 1989 and 1993. He died on 1 October, aged 77.

  24. John McCririck

    John McCririck
    John McCririck. Picture: Glenn Copus/Associated Newspapers/Shutterstock

    The Surrey-born horse racing pundit died on 5 July aged 79.

  25. Windsor Davies

    Windsor Davies
    Windsor Davies. Picture: Shutterstock

    The British actor, best known for his appearance as the Sergeant Major in the 70s sitcom It Ain't Half Hot Mum and one of the main characters in Never The Twain, died on 17 january aged 88.

  26. Robert Freeman

    Robert Freeman
    Robert Freeman. Picture: Manuel Bruque/EPA/Shutterstock

    The photographer, who took the iconic images on the album covers for The Beatles albums Rubber Soul, Beatles For Sale and With The Beatles, died on 7 November, aged 82.

  27. Bob Willis

    Bob Willis
    Bob Willis. Picture: Ted Blackbrow/Associated Newspapers/Shutterstock

    The English cricketer died on 4 December, aged 70.

  28. Freddie Starr

    Freddie Starr
    Freddie Starr. Picture: ITV/Shutterstock

    The British comedian of "Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster" tabloid headline fame, died on 9 May aged 76.

  29. Jose Antonio Reyes

    Jose Antonio Reyes
    Jose Antonio Reyes. Picture: Dan Rowley/Shutterstock

    The Spanish footballer, who played with Arsenal and Real Madrid, died in a car accident on 1 June, aged 35.

  30. Clive James

    Clive James
    Clive James. Picture: ITV/Shutterstock

    The Australian author, poet and TV presenter died on 24 November, aged 80. His ITV series Clive James On Television introduced the UK to a world of weird telly.

  31. Dr David Bellamy

    David Bellamy in Australlia, August 1981
    David Bellamy in Australlia, August 1981. Picture: Pearce/Fairfax Media via Getty Images

    The British naturalist, environmental campaigner and broadcaster died on 11 December, aged 86. One of the most impersonated celebrities of the 70s and 80s, he was best known for his TV series Up A Gum Tree and Bellamy's Backyard Safari.