Why you shouldn't care about "Blue Monday"

18 January 2021, 09:45

Blue Monday stock image
Blue Monday stock image. Picture: JLGutierrez /Getty Creative

We delve into the day labelled 'the most depressing day of the year' and reveal whether or not it's a complete myth.

Monday 18 January has been cursed with the name Blue Monday - being deemed the most depressing day of the year.

Music fans of course know Blue Monday to be the title of New Order's famous 1983 track, but in recent years it's been associated with something else entirely.

Let's face it, most Mondays are pretty bad and January isn't the greatest month of the year either, but why has this day been given such a bad rep?

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Monday 18 January has been calculated as most depressing day of the year due to several factors, including its distance away from Christmas, the fact that most people won't have received their first pay of the year, and the likelihood that we've all failed miserably at keeping our New Year's Resolutions. Add lockdown and the ongoing COVID-19 crisis to that and you've got all the ingredients for a pretty gloomy day.

But would it surprise you to know its origins came from travel firm looking to promote their winter holiday deals?

A typical beach holiday, yesterday
A typical beach holiday, yesterday. Picture: Getty Images

As The Independent reported, Sky Travel tasked psychologist Cliff Arnall to come up with a formula for the bluest day of the year in 2004 so they could argue it was the best day to book a holiday.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph in 2013, Arnall described his own formula as "not particularly helpful" adding: "I was originally asked to come up with what I thought was the best day to book a summer holiday but when I started thinking about the motives for booking a holiday, reflecting on what thousands had told me during stress management or happiness workshops, there were these factors that pointed to the third Monday in January as being particularly depressing".

So there you have it. Blue Monday is a totally made up day of the year which was only invented as a way of marketing holiday deals.

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