Liam Fray reveals which Oasis song sums up Courteeners as a band

12 February 2019, 14:20 | Updated: 12 February 2019, 14:23

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The Not Nineteen Forever rocker has praised the Manchester legends' Definitely Maybe debut, saying it "makes you feel invincible".

Liam Fray has praised Oasis's debut album, Definitely Maybe, and revealed the song which he thinks sums up Courteeners as a band.

The Not Nineteen Forever singer has made no secret about the fact he looks up to his fellow Mancunians, and talked to Q Magazine about the seminal 1994 album as part of their latest issue which celebrates the 156 most influential records of all time.

Speaking to the magazine, Middleton rocker gushed: "I was nine when this came out, so I actually got it after I got Morning Glory. Even at 11/12 , you could hear it was rawer and angrier.

"Bring It On Down is pure rage, it's great," added the Cavorting singer. "I think that song sums up the Courteeners as a band, 'cause we do feel like the uninvited guest."

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Listen to the track here:

Oasis - Bring It On Down (Official Lyric Video)

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Speaking about the record, which also included singles in Rock 'n' Roll Star, Live Forever and Supersonic, Fray added: "Even now we put Cigarettes & Alcohol on before we come onstage and the place just erupts. It's still so powerful.

"If you listen to Columbia walking down Market Street in Manchester , it makes you feel invincible."

Meanwhile Oasis songsmith Liam Gallagher has also taken part in the issue, hailing Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks as one "the most influential record of all time".

"People who are still working now in the music business did their shit because of that record." said the Don't Look Back In Anger singer.

"It's the absolute left turn. There is no argument. It cannot be bettered. It's scientifically factual."

Noel's estranged brother Liam also seems to agree with them on this point, since he looks up to the band and even named his pet cats after them.

The Wall of Glass singer adopted his pet tabby, who he named Sid at the end of 2018, and while it was previously unclear whether "R SID" was a nod to the famous Sex Pistols bassist, the addition of black and white cat Nancy to his family proved the names were based on the late punk couple.

Liam Gallagher previously revealed that if he could be in any other band, it would have been the Sex Pistols and he would have kicked out Johnny Rotten to do it. 

Asked by The Guardian about his dream band line-up, the former Oasis rocker replied: “I would have loved to have been in the Pistols.”“I’d have kicked out Johnny Rotten – he’d have gone,” he added. “Get out, Gooner (Arsenal fan). Paul Cook’s fucking mega. Steve Jones is the man. Sid Vicious, turn his bass down but he still fucking killed. But Rotten would have gone, I’m sorry. I can do Johnny Rotten in my sleep.”

And Gallagher proved that recently when he came in to visit Johnny Vaughan at Radio X.

Watch Liam Gallagher sing the Sex Pistols with Radio X's Johnny Vaughan:

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Watch Liam Gallagher peform Live Forver live on the Radio X rooftop:


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