Mick Jagger and Keith Richards to be honoured with statues in hometown of Dartford

28 January 2023, 09:00 | Updated: 15 February 2023, 23:20

The Rolling Stones&squot; Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on their 2021 "No Filter" Tour - Hollywood
Mick Jagger and Keith Richards will have bronze statues erected in Dartford. Picture: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for RS

The Rolling Stones frontman and guitarist's hometown of Dartford will celebrate their legacy with bronze statues.

Dartford Borough Council has commissioned bronze statues of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

The iconic Rolling Stones members - who were classmates at Wentworth Primary School - both hail from the town and the legendary guitarist is even known to wear a "Straight Outa Dartford" T-shirt.

The rockers went down fairly different paths in their youth - with Jagger studying at Dartford Grammar School (which is now home to the Mick Jagger Centre) and Keef attending Dartford Technical High School.

However, the pair were reunited in 1961 when they met at Dartford train station and started talking about music. The rest... as they say... is history.

Now, the duo are set to be immortalised in their hometown, with renowned sculptor Amy Goodman tasked with the job.

According to News Shopper, the sculptor commented: “I couldn't believe the news when I heard it. I was really overwhelmed and overjoyed!

“I have felt fortunate and grateful to have been busy with fascinating and varied public sculptural projects in recent years.

“This will be the icing on the cake."

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Goodman continued: “They are such icons, and I have always been a huge fan of their music.

“I intend to create two dynamic figures which capture the incredible energy and chemistry that the two of them have when performing together on stage, that the public can walk through and around, and interact with.

“It will be such an exciting challenge.”

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Leader of the Council Jeremy Kite said: “Many Dartfordians have gone on to change our world but in terms of culture and music you don’t get much more influential than The Rolling Stones.

“Their music has changed the face of popular music and these lads from Dartford are now two of the most recognisable and loved people in the world.”

He continued: " “We’re one of those towns that recognises the power of the arts within a community and for some years we have been insisting that developers contribute not just to things like schools and healthcare but also to public art."

He added: "We want to celebrate that their roots are firmly planted right here in our town and also thank them for the impression they have made on lives."

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