Noel Gallagher wrote enough music in the pandemic for two more albums

15 June 2023, 14:09

Noel Gallagher press 2023
Noel Gallagher has revealed he has new material in the bag. Picture: Matt Crockett/Press

By Jenny Mensah

The former Oasis rocker has teased he's got plenty of songs left due to avid writing sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Noel Gallagher has enough new songs in his back pocket for two albums.

The former Oasis rocker penned his current album, Council Skies, during the pandemic and revealed he's got plenty of material, with some of the music lending itself to an acoustic album, while the rest would be full of rock anthems.

“There is an acoustic album as well, which is very, very stripped back, and which I started recording recently,” he told Rolling Stone: “And then there’s, a very heavily guitar-based, stadium-rock album.”

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The Manchester rocker also talked about how lockdown impacted his Council Skies album so much he even had to change up some of the lyrics.

Quizzed how much he was fuelled by the period, he told Radio X's Johnny Vaughan: "Yeah I didn’t realise it at the time, but when I was putting it all together, the vibe and the lyrics sounded a bit reflective and I guess it was a reflective time for everyone, because none of us had ever lived through a pandemic, didn’t even know what one was and how we’d got into it and how we were going to get out of it.

“And you were watching the news and there was the conspiracy theories and all that sort of thing. I’d lock my self away in my room at home and just think, ‘What on earth is going on?’ And there’s a bit of that in there. Some of the songs are quite personal.”

The Manchester rocker, who spent much of the pandemic in Hampshire, added that being a writer helped him cope with the period, because he was able to express how he was feeling.

"I think anyway, as a writer and artist, I think we would have navigated it better, because you could write about it," he mused. "Do you know what I mean, and kind of make sense of it."

He added: "I did have to re-write a lot of the lyrics, because a lot of them were about going outside and all that kind of thing…”

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